2022 MG ZS EV: owner review

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  • Doors and Seats


    5 doors, 5 seats

  • Engine


    Perm Magnet, LI

  • Engine Power


    130kW, 280Nm

  • Fuel


    360km range

  • Manufacturer



  • Transmission


    1 Spd Red'n Gear

  • Warranty


    7 Yr, Unltd KMs

  • Ancap Safety




Owner Review

Getting older, knees shot, looking astatine tiny SUV. Thought wherefore not electric.
Owner: Rob Foster

Getting older, knees shot, looking astatine tiny SUV. Thought wherefore not electric.

I similar the wide exterior, conscionable looks balanced design, not successful your look crisp angles. Interior is comfy good designed and truthful acold everything works arsenic expected. Fit and decorativeness is good. Not a instrumentality of the integrative instrumentality trims, look bully but are PLASTIC. The alloys underneath person to beryllium the ugliest successful existence. The erstwhile EV had truly bully machined alloys, truthful i'm disappointed they removed them.

The car drives truly well. Plenty of power, particularly successful athletics mode. I usually usage eco enactment and find it is each I request for time to time driving. I emotion the instant powerfulness instrumentality off, nary lag, creaseless and ohio truthful silent. It took a portion to get utilized to the soundless start, you beryllium determination and deliberation is it going yet oregon is determination thing other I request to do. It has been reliable truthful far, lone 2 months old, and 2600 Ks.

The car has a broad database of information features, radar cruise, exigency braking, lane keeping, lane departure warning, lane alteration assist, rear transverse postulation alert. It besides has afloat SATNAV with postulation updates.

The vigor is unspeakable unless connected FM, it has DAB, which is useless for AM bands (not everyone likes to perceive to physics doofdoof and hep hop euphony connected FM), considering astir buyers are implicit 50 from what I person been told.

It does person android car and pome car play, but nary instructions connected however to connect. I spent clip with the salesman (over 30 years experience), and helium couldn't enactment retired however to link them to my phone. I emailed MG 2 weeks agone and received nary answer, truthful a discarded of clip if you inquire me. There is nary interaction fig for MG lawsuit service, benignant of makes it an oxymoron I think.

Charging is done astatine location connected the supplied cablegram (connects to mean powerfulness point), takes astir 2 days to complaint from 20% to 100%, I americium waiting to person my ain charger installed, volition outgo $1600 but past lone instrumentality astir 4 hours. I person ne'er tried nationalist chargers, the accusation connected them and the connectors, complaint rates and locations is simply a spot deed and miss. I complaint the car astatine antithetic levels of remaining charge, anyplace from 20 to 50%, I americium doing this for the archetypal fewer months to guarantee the artillery charges with a afloat heavy charge.

Improvements, I deliberation that could beryllium made is that it needs a due owners manual, thing connected connecting your phone, streaming etc. Like I mentioned earlier, MG intolerable to contact, sent emails and nary reply, nary interaction fig for emergencies which makes it intolerable to get assistance with issues.

I've besides recovered that MG is not keeping to the woody of $500 towards location charger, contempt it being connected their website. Cannot find retired max complaint charge for battery, trader does not know, MG don't reply emails. Need this to person a location charger installed.

Would I bargain different oregon recommend, I americium 50/50 here, I truly similar the car, but dealer/service look to cognize precise small astir it. Maybe conscionable similar MG, got your wealth now, don't care?

Owner: Rob Foster

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