2023 BMW 3.0 CSL retro special revealed

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One of BMW M's astir iconic cars – the race-bred 3.0 CSL of the 1970s – has been reborn for a caller era, with M4 underpinnings and hand-built carbon-fibre bodywork.

Alex Misoyannis

BMW M has revealed the leader of its 50th-birthday celebrations, the ultra-exclusive, million-dollar 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL sports coupe – but it's improbable immoderate volition travel to Australia.

The caller car is based connected a regular BMW M4 – but it receives much powerfulness and a bespoke, retro-inspired carbon-fibre assemblage built mostly by hand, inspired by the 3.0 CSL coupe that took BMW to centrifugal racing occurrence successful the 1970s.

Just 50 volition beryllium built astatine BMW's Dingolfing mill successful Germany – each taking 10 days from commencement to decorativeness – with reports retired of Europe suggesting prices whitethorn commencement from €750,000, oregon $AU1.16 million.

It's unclear if immoderate volition travel to Australia – either arsenic a right-hand-drive car ineligible to thrust connected Australian roads, oregon a left-hand-drive conveyance for usage connected a contention way oregon backstage onshore only.

The caller 3.0 CSL's styling is designed to honour the 1970s original, with bespoke bodywork – overmuch of which is produced from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, including the roof, bonnet, footwear lid, bumpers, skirts and rear spoiler, positive a glass-fibre extortion spoiler.

Highlights of the styling see the new-shape beforehand grille openings, wider instrumentality arches, circular beforehand aerial intakes, and a ample rear spoiler akin to the 1 that gave the 1970s archetypal its "Batmobile" nickname.

However, the M4-derived roots inactive peek done – the headlights and tail-lights look to beryllium sourced from the M4 CSL, the doorway handles are shared, and the broadside model openings are the aforesaid arsenic the donor car (though with metallic inserts fitted connected the 3.0 CSL to marque the cars look different).

All 50 cars volition beryllium finished successful a modern mentation of the archetypal 3.0 CSL's racing overgarment scheme, with an Alpine White basal finish, and tri-colour (blue, purple and red) stripes.

The 3.0 CSL is produced mostly by manus by a squad of 30 technicians, with a circumstantial overgarment strategy developed to use the striped design, and each liveried assemblage sheet taking six moving days to complete, according to BMW.

The car's wheels measurement 20 inches up beforehand and 21 inches astatine the rear – 1 inch larger each astir than the basal car – with centre locks that necessitate much tightening unit to beryllium applied than immoderate erstwhile BMW accumulation vehicle.

They're finished successful gold, and are wrapped successful specially-developed Michelin tyres with '50' embossed connected their sidewalls.

But contempt the lighter assemblage (and different value savings passim the vehicle) the 3.0 CSL tips the scales successful astatine astir 1625kg – astir the aforesaid arsenic a limited-run (but cheaper) M4 CSL coupe.

Powering the 3.0 CSL is simply a tuned mentation of the M4's 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, present processing 412kW and 550Nm.

While powerfulness is up 7kW implicit the M4 CSL, torque has been chopped by 100Nm – successful bid to accomodate a six-speed manual transmission, alternatively than an eight-speed automatic, driving the rear wheels.

The motor – the astir almighty inline six-cylinder ever fitted to a BMW M roadworthy car – employs 3D printing exertion for its cylinder heads, and tin rev to 7200rpm.

Chassis highlights see an progressive locking rear differential, M-specific adaptive suspension, 10 stages of M Traction Control, carbon-ceramic brakes (400mm six-piston beforehand and 380mm single-piston rear), and a titanium sports exhaust.

Inside, weight-saving measures see carbon-fibre reinforced integrative doorway panels, reduced dependable insulation, and a rear-seat delete (replaced by 2 slots for racing helmets).

It shares the M4 CSL's M Carbon buckets seats, which tin beryllium adjusted forwards and backwards by a accepted manus lever – but to alteration spot tallness oregon backrest angle, a toolkit and store are required.

The seats and steering instrumentality are trimmed successful achromatic Alcantara, the achromatic cogwheel displacement knob is unsocial to the CSL, there's 3.0 CSL branding connected the sill plates, and a numbered plaque from '#01/50' to '#50/50' features connected the dashboard.

The 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL is owed to statesman accumulation imminently, and is expected to tally for a play of 3 months. It's improbable immoderate volition marque their mode to Australia.

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