AI has power to kill ‘many people’, warns former Google chief

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By James Titcomb

May 26, 2023 — 7.36am

The erstwhile main enforcement of Google has warned that artificial quality (AI) has the imaginable to harm oregon termination “many, galore people” successful the adjacent future.

Eric Schmidt said that helium was acrophobic astir the “existential risk” of the rapidly evolving exertion and warned that it would beryllium hard to contain.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says artificial quality   poses an “existential risk” to humanity.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says artificial quality poses an “existential risk” to humanity.Credit: Bloomberg

“My interest with AI is really existential, and existential hazard is defined arsenic many, many, many, galore radical harmed oregon killed. And determination are scenarios not contiguous but reasonably soon, wherever these systems volition beryllium capable to find zero-day exploits, cyber issues oregon observe caller kinds of biology,” Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal CEO Council league successful London.

“This is fabrication contiguous but the reasoning is apt to beryllium true. And erstwhile that happens we privation to beryllium acceptable to cognize however to marque definite these things are not misused by evil people.”

The informing comes arsenic British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosted executives from the world’s apical exertion labs astatine Downing Street. He met Sam Altman, the main enforcement of ChatGPT developer OpenAI, alongside Google’s DeepMind and the AI start-up Anthropic.

Discussions focused connected creating an planetary model for regulating AI, and responding to the emergence of China successful the field.

Schmidt, who was Google’s main enforcement for a decennary from 2001 and past its enforcement president until 2015, has besides chaired the US nationalist information committee connected AI.

He said it would beryllium highly hard to power the dispersed of AI, which helium compared to the emergence of atomic technology.

“Nuclear had the spot that determination was a scarcity, which was enriched uranium. We are live contiguous due to the fact that it was truly hard to get that,” said Schmidt.

“This country is antithetic for immoderate reasons. One is that the proliferation occupation is precise hard to stop, due to the fact that you tin conscionable bargain it connected a hard thrust oregon a USB stick.”


The erstwhile Google main did not enactment guardant proposals connected however AI should beryllium regulated, saying “this is simply a broader question for society”. However, Schmidt said that the US was improbable to make a caller regulator to tackle the technology.

Altman this week enactment guardant proposals for an planetary regulator for AI, likening it to the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is understood that Wednesday’s Downing Street gathering volition sermon the UK’s imaginable relation successful coordinating efforts betwixt countries.

Telegraph, London

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