‘Appetite for growth’: Zambrero is taking Aussie burritos to Ireland and the UK

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The caput bureau of Zambrero is situated successful the buzzy precinct of Circular Quay, overlooking Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.

But Matthew Kenny, main enforcement of Australia’s largest Mexican nutrient chain, has his sights acceptable further afield: connected Ireland, Britain and the United States, arsenic helium oversees the franchise’s planetary expansion.

“Truly becoming a planetary marque is astir apt the happening that I’m excited astir most,” Kenny said successful his archetypal large interrogation arsenic CEO. “Even successful uncertain times, what galore would picture arsenic hard economical conditions, we inactive person an appetite for growth.”

Zambrero is mounting  its sights connected  Ireland and Britain.

Zambrero is mounting its sights connected Ireland and Britain.Credit:

Zambrero was founded successful 2005 by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Sam Prince arsenic a aesculapian pupil with $16,000 successful savings. He went connected to commencement different businesses including not-for-profit One Disease (which successfully eliminated crusted scabies successful the Northern Territory); Next Practice (to make a caller exemplary of GP aesculapian centres); Shine+ (a earthy vigor drink); and different hospitality ventures Mejico and INDU.

Zambrero founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Sam Prince founded the Mexican concatenation  successful  2005.

Zambrero founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Sam Prince founded the Mexican concatenation successful 2005.Credit:

Kenny, a erstwhile banking and concern lawyer, joined the concern successful 2018 arsenic wide counsel and main operating serviceman crossed Prince’s full radical but recovered helium was spending astir of his clip connected Zambrero. He stepped into the main enforcement relation successful 2020, astatine the opening of the pandemic.

Although Kenny is astatine the helm, laminitis Prince remains precise progressive successful the business; the Mexican nutrient chain’s wide strategical imaginativeness and absorption is acceptable by Prince and past executed by Kenny. New Zambrero products don’t get sign-off without the support of Prince, whose philanthropic absorption remains astatine the halfway of the business: for each burrito oregon vessel Zambrero sells, it donates a meal. In aboriginal August, the concatenation celebrated a cardinal milestone of 70 cardinal donated meals.

On apical of its 220-odd Australian restaurants, it has 20 successful Ireland, 7 successful Britain and 1 successful the US, with plans to yet motorboat successful mainland Europe. The British and Irish marketplace volition stay a cardinal precedence this fiscal year.

Towards the extremity of past year, Skip Capital (co-founded by Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar and his wife, Kim Jackson, an plus manager) and London-based Metric Capital Partners invested $250 cardinal into the business, successful a woody that valued Zambrero astatine astir a cardinal dollars. Prince retains a bulk shareholding of much than 70 per cent.


Closer to home, its aspirations are nary little ambitious: Zambrero has plans to unfastened astir 1 edifice a week, with a extremity of reaching 300 successful Australia. To tribunal customers, it is eyeing existent property successful Australia’s biggest cities successful populous areas specified arsenic Sydney’s bluish beaches.


But it faces a fierce rival successful Guzman y Gomez, which not lone has a beardown marque and loyal lawsuit basal but is not shy astir its ain ambitions to grow rapidly, float connected the ASX soon and conquer the US market. Meanwhile, smaller rival Mad Mex, which has astir 70 stores, has precocious installed a caller main enforcement with a “ruthless absorption connected operational efficiency”.

Kenny claims they’re not paying excessively overmuch attraction to their competitors. “We’re truly focused connected ourselves,” helium said. Part of the solution, the main enforcement believes, is simply to physique out. “Presence is important,” Kenny added, pointing retired that the wide popularity of Mexican nutrient has accrued successful the past 2 decades.

“The crushed [Sydney and Melbourne] are truthful important to america and specified large maturation opportunities is due to the fact that arsenic soon arsenic we enactment restaurants determination to marque it disposable to customers, it’s our occupation to pull those customers into becoming predominant users.

“Yes, radical are loyal to definite brands, and it’s our occupation to effort to pull them from those brands.”

Zambrero volition besides beryllium warring different nutrient outlets and restaurants for hospitality workers. Kenny highlighted staffing arsenic the Mexican nutrient chain’s biggest challenge, not conscionable successful Australia but astir the world, but said determination were signs that the idiosyncratic shortage was opening to easiness arsenic Australia received the largest influx of migrants successful history.

“We’re presently opening a edifice a week crossed the world, which is rather frantic erstwhile you deliberation astir it. Ensuring that we person capable unit and the close unit to support that maturation is the astir important thing,” helium said.

”I deliberation everyone’s experienced challenges. Now we’re starting to spot that soften. But still, I deliberation it’s important to guarantee that we proceed to strive to beryllium an leader of choice.”

Zambrero main  enforcement  Matt Kenny.

Zambrero main enforcement Matt Kenny.Credit:

Despite outgo of surviving pressures connected household budgets, which astatine Guzman y Gomez has led to a diminution successful bid values arsenic customers flock to cheaper offerings, Kenny said the concern had not seen a important driblet successful sales, which helium described arsenic “steady”. He declined to supply income oregon gross figures.

“People speech astir accelerated nutrient and [quick-service restaurants] arsenic being benignant of counter-cyclical successful a downturn marketplace ... recession-resistant. My presumption is that whilst that mightiness person been happening successful the past, we don’t cognize if that’s really going to proceed to the future. So to me, I americium cautiously optimistic astir our business,” Kenny said.

“Customers are much picky with their choices. They person little tolerance for mediocre merchandise oregon service. For us, if we guarantee we present a large merchandise each the time, that acquisition volition hopefully pb america successful bully stead to instrumentality vantage of the marketplace going forward.”

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