Aussie arrested in Indonesia could be set free after $25,000 offering

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5:06pm May 26, 2023

9News understands Bodhi Risby-Jones has reached a bid woody with the unfortunate of the alleged rampage, which volition spot the Queenslander wage up $25,000.

However, the 23-year-old Noosa antheral is acceptable to inactive walk the adjacent 2 weeks successful custody earlier prosecutors determine whether the bid offering is capable to negate the request for a jailhouse sentence.

Noosa antheral Bodhi Risby-Jones could beryllium released from Indonesian situation successful the coming weeks. (Nine)

9News has been told it's "highly likely" that helium volition beryllium acceptable escaped successful the coming weeks.

Risby-Jones was the taxable of a citizen's apprehension successful the highly blimpish Aceh province aft helium allegedly went connected a drunken, bare rampage connected April 27.

He has been successful custody since, and was facing a condemnation including up to 5 years successful jailhouse and 40 lashes, arsenic nationalist canings are a regular punishment successful the province.

Aceh enforces Sharia law, meaning the merchantability and depletion of intoxicant are banned.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones successful  a representation   from his Facebook page.Risby-Jones was arrested successful April aft an allaged drunken rampage. (Sydney Morning Herald)

"To the victim's household and the victim, I americium highly sorry," helium said earlier placing his hands unneurotic and bowing his caput successful a supplication motion.

"My actions I can't adjacent fathom.

"I truly privation to marque it right, and hole the issue.

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