Autonomous Volvo cars with no steering wheels a while away

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Volvo is processing the bundle needed for aboriginal autonomous cars – but the company's CEO says it volition beryllium a agelong clip earlier it sells a conveyance without a steering wheel.

Trent Nikolic
Autonomous Volvo cars with nary  steering wheels a portion    away

The brag of Volvo says laws to let autonomous cars to ditch steering wheels whitethorn beryllium a agelong mode away.

The Chinese-owned Swedish institution is 1 of hundreds of car makers and exertion firms processing precocious autonomous driving exertion susceptible of piloting the car with nary input from occupants.

However, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan told Australian media past period the exertion volition not beryllium acceptable successful the contiguous aboriginal to ditch the steering instrumentality oregon pedals, which would beryllium utilized successful lawsuit of an exigency situation.

"In the abbreviated term, it is improbable determination volition beryllium nary steering wheel. Fully-autonomous driving volition beryllium governed overmuch much by authorities than technology. The contented is going to beryllium the legislation," Mr Rowan said.

Autonomous Volvo cars with nary  steering wheels a portion    away

The enforcement said fully-autonomous driving whitethorn beryllium constricted to built-up areas with safer roads tin beryllium mapped – leaving drivers to instrumentality power down the instrumentality erstwhile venturing into agrarian areas.

"Personally, I deliberation afloat autonomy volition commencement successful designated highways, cardinal routes, similar San Francisco airdrome to downtown arsenic 1 example," Rowan said.

"Then of course, if you determination retired of San Francisco to thrust to Utah for example, you’re astir apt going to request a steering wheel."

Volvo has been much blimpish successful placing motorboat dates connected the roll-out of its autonomous driving exertion than immoderate different car makers, which person been forced to backtrack from their claims aft encountering roadblocks successful development.

"A afloat alteration to autonomous driving is rather a mode away," Rowan said.

Autonomous Volvo cars with nary  steering wheels a portion    away

"It’s antithetic state by country, fto unsocial authorities by authorities and we’ve been focused connected spending a batch of wealth gathering the bundle to proceed to amended autonomous driving assistance, each the mode up to afloat autonomy."

Mr Rowan says the company's scope of luxury cars – including the caller electrical EX90 seven-seat SUV, which is expected to outgo adjacent to $140,000 erstwhile it reaches Australia precocious adjacent twelvemonth – means it tin much easy warrant charging customers other for autonomous driving technology.

"We’re not a wide marketplace brand, we’re a premium brand. And our customers would alternatively consciousness that we enactment successful that information exertion adjacent if that comes astatine that further cost."

Autonomous Volvo cars with nary  steering wheels a portion    away
Volvo EX90's lidar sensor.

He added: "the exertion is costly close now, but it volition travel down successful outgo arsenic we larn much astir it."

Among the Volvo EX90's scope of autonomous-driving sensors is lidar, which Mr Rowan claims tin "see 200 metres successful transportation achromatic darkness".

US electric-car elephantine Tesla began its determination distant from accepted sensors specified arsenic radar for its autonomous driving exertion past twelvemonth – and has begun relying solely connected cameras, adjacent though immoderate of the car's features need radar to operate, and it is yet to merchandise replacements.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been an outspoken professional of lidar technology, reportedly calling it a "fool's errand" astatine an lawsuit successful 2019 – adjacent though astir planetary car makers are implementing the sensor exertion successful their aboriginal cars.

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