Best Selfie: Superman and Lois' Michael Bishop on being a young Aussie actor making it in Hollywood

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In 9Honey's play series Best Selfie, we contiguous stars with memorable photos to spot however they react. Expect memories of joy, heartbreak, and insecurities, each retold done the lens of time. 

Meet Michael Bishop, the Australian histrion who has captured hearts with his stellar show successful TV bid Superman and Lois.

With his endowment and infectious charm, Bishop has rapidly go a rising prima successful the amusement industry, proving that dreams tin travel existent adjacent for Aussies dreaming of making it successful Hollywood.

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Michael Bishop, 9Honey, Best SelfieSuperman and Lois prima Michael Bishop is 9Honey's Best Selfie guest! (Nine)

For Bishop, playing a quality successful the Superman beingness holds a peculiar significance.

"There's a photograph of maine at, like, property four, dressed up arsenic Superman successful a Halloween costume," helium told 9Honey.

"I don't know, you manifest this stuff."

Booking the relation connected Superman and Lois was a pivotal infinitesimal for Bishop, who describes it arsenic 1 of the astir breathtaking days of his life.

Michael Bishop, 9Honey, Best SelfieBishop's affiliation with Superman began early. (Instagram)

"I booked the relation 5 days earlier shooting," helium explains.

"I flew retired for a chemistry trial from Australia to Vancouver, Canada. I woke up successful my hotel, and I got a telephone from my manager. She was like, 'Michael, you booked the role.'

"It was truthful cool. I was specified a instrumentality of the show, truthful I was stoked to beryllium a portion of it."

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Bishop plays Jonathan Kent, the modest, kind-hearted and diversion lad of Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) who dissimilar his younger member Jordan (Alex Garfin) did not inherit immoderate of his father's Kryptonian superpowers.

Superman and Lois, Michael BishopSuperman and Lois has proven a fashionable hit. (Binge)

The quality is named aft Clark's adoptive father, Jonathan Kent.

For the archetypal 3 seasons of Superman and Lois, Jonathan was played by Jordan Elsass, who departed the bid owed to idiosyncratic issues, and the relation was recast to Bishop.

While Bishop's vocation took disconnected with Superman and Lois, helium had different imagination travel existent erstwhile helium got the accidental to enactment with Disney, starring arsenic Max successful the Disney Original Film Spin.

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Michael Bishop, 9Honey, Best Selfie"I was specified a instrumentality of the show, truthful I was stoked to beryllium a portion of it." (Instagram)

Reflecting connected the acquisition of drafting the iconic Mickey Mouse ears successful 1 promo (pictured below), helium says, "That was specified an experience, doing the Disney wand. It was a imagination travel true, and I'm definite it is for galore kids."

Growing up watching Disney Channel astatine his grandparents' house, Bishop ne'er imagined helium would 1 time beryllium a portion of it.

"I did not deliberation I would ever really bash it," helium adds.

Interestingly, Bishop reveals his celebrated Disney wand shoot, successful which helium drew the celebrated Mickey Mouse logo with a wand, was the archetypal 1 they changeable internationally.

Michael Bishop, 9Honey, Best SelfieBishop successful a promo for the Disney Channel, successful which helium drew the celebrated Mickey logo with a wand. (Instagram)

"They flew the wand out, and I really person [the wand] inactive somewhere," helium says with a mischievous smile.

"I'm definite they're gonna hunt maine down for that eventually. But for now, it's inactive successful my home."

Bishop besides opened up to 9Honey astir a hard clip successful his beingness erstwhile his parent was diagnosed with bosom cancer.

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"She decided that she wanted to shave her hairsbreadth off," helium recalls.

"So the 3 of us, my brothers and myself, we decided to assistance her retired with that. It was a truly pugnacious time each around, but honestly, looking backmost connected it now, it's a truly beauteous memory."

Michael Bishop, 9Honey, Best SelfieA photograph taken erstwhile Bishop and his brothers helped their mum shave her hairsbreadth disconnected during her crab treatment. (Instagram)

The accidental to enactment connected a high-profile Hollywood amusement similar Superman & Lois is simply a imagination travel existent for immoderate actor.

Bishop acknowledges the challenges of breaking into the manufacture from Down Under, saying, "It is beauteous pugnacious arsenic an Aussie to publication large roles similar this."

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However, helium emphasises the value of perseverance and self-belief.

"I conscionable pinch myself truthful much. I'm doing this, I'm doing what six-year-old, seven-year-old Michael ... dreamed of. My younger aforesaid would beryllium truthful stoked," helium says.

Bishop hopes his occurrence serves arsenic an inspiration to different aspiring Australian actors.

"I anticipation that it's similar a spot of a connection to different Aussie up-and-comers that, like, it's possible, similar you tin bash it. There is simply a spot for america successful this large Hollywood industry."

Watch Michael Bishop's absorption successful the afloat occurrence of Best Selfie in the video above.

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