'Big thud': Millions stunned as champion's dive goes horribly wrong

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September 19

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September 19

American diving fable Greg Louganis struck his caput connected the committee portion competing successful the preliminary rounds astatine the Seoul Olympics connected September 19, 1988.

Watched by millions of tv viewers, spectators watching the lawsuit described proceeding a "big hollow thud" arsenic his skull deed the committee connected a reverse dive.

Louganis, the lone antheral to expanse diving golden medals astatine consecutive Olympics, aboriginal disclosed helium was infected with the AIDS microorganism erstwhile helium deed his caput and bled into the pool.

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He did not uncover his information to the US Olympic Committee doc who gave him 5 stitches, and felt definite the chlorinated h2o successful the excavation would termination the virus.

The adjacent time aft his injury, Louganis easy won the springboard gold.

When it was over, helium wrapped his arms astir manager Ron O'Brien and sobbed.

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On September 19, 1995, starring American newspapers published "The Unabomber's manifesto", a 35,000-word anti-technology papers written by Ted Kaczynski, who had launched a deadly bombing campaign.

The work of the treatise by the The New York Times and The Washington Post led to the apprehension of Kaczynski successful April, 1996.

He was aboriginal tried and jailed for his 17-year bombing run that killed 3 radical and wounded 23.

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On September 19, 1993, 2 hikers recovered a mummified quality assemblage portion trekking the Otztal Alps connected the Italian-Australian border.

Experts aboriginal recovered the assemblage dated much than 5,000 years agone and suffered a convulsive decease aft being changeable successful the backmost by an arrow.

This photograph provided by the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology shows a reconstruction of "Oetzi the Iceman"

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Australian cricketer Dean Jones scored a celebrated treble period during a legendary batting show against India connected September 19, 1986.

Enduring brutal vigor connected the Madras ground, Jones was forced to intermission his batting portion vomiting from exhaustion.

Eventually dismissed for an epic 210, it remains the highest people by an Australian successful India.

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On September 19, 1990, iconic gangster movie 'Goodfellas', starring Ray Liotta, Robert de Niro, Paul Sorvino and Joe Pesci, made its premiere successful American cinemas.

The movie was loosely based connected the real-life US$6 cardinal Lufthansa Heist, the largest currency robbery connected US ungraded astatine the time.

September 18

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September 18

American heiress-turned-bank robber Patty Hearst was captured by FBI successful California connected September 18, 1975.

The granddaughter of media magnate William Randolph Hearst made planetary headlines 2 years earlier erstwhile she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, a extremist activistic group.

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Following her arrest, Patty Hearst claimed she had been abused and brainwashed by her captors - a information that became known arsenic Stockholm Syndrome.

It refers to the enslaved that tin make betwixt hostages and their captors successful hostage-taking and kidnapping situations.

After her arrest, Hearst was sentenced to 7 years successful prison. Her condemnation was commuted successful 1979 earlier was aboriginal pardoned by US President Bill Clinton.

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Rock fable Jimi Hendrix died connected September 18, 1970, aft collapsing astatine a enactment successful London.

The celebrated guitarist had taken 9 sleeping pills, a coronial inquest aft his decease was told. But determination was nary grounds of addiction.

In 2003 a survey by Rolling Stone mag named Jimi Hendrix the top guitarist successful stone history.

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On September 18, 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was created by US President Harry Truman.

Founded astatine the commencement of the Cold War, the spy bureau grew to go a elephantine quality limb of the US government, sending agents crossed the world.

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Japanese inventor Momofuku Ando connected September 18, 1971, launched the world's archetypal instant noodle, packaging the Asian staple nutrient successful a waterproof polystyrene container.

His merchandise became an overnight hit, and went connected to beryllium consumed by millions of people.

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Notorious Nazi propagandist William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw, made his archetypal anti-British broadcast from Germany connected September 18, 1939, during the opening days of World War II.

The British nationalist turned-traitor continued his propaganda run until the extremity of the struggle successful 1945.

The diehard fascist was captured a twelvemonth aboriginal by the Allies and executed for treason.

September 17

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September 17

Two members of The Who were injured successful a pyrotechnic stunt during a show connected The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour connected September 17, 1967.

In their archetypal instauration to astir Americans, the set performed a rendition of their azygous "My Generation", which ended with them trashing their instruments.

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Drummer Keith Moon had enactment a tiny explosive successful his bass drum, which had not detonated during the rehearsal.

For the unrecorded show, helium added different explosive, not knowing a stagehand had already enactment successful a replacement.

When the pyrotechnics were acceptable off, Moon was unaware his drum was packing 3 times the expected amount.

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The detonation sent shrapnel from a cymbal into his limb and is believed to beryllium liable for guitarist Pete Townsend's semipermanent proceeding loss.

As big Tommy Smothers stood successful beforehand of the camera, stunned by the performance, Townsend had to enactment retired sparks burning successful his ain hair.

September 17

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September 17

The past Nizam of Hyderabad surrendered his throne connected September 17, 1948 aft his princely authorities was invaded by India.

Mir Osman Ali Khan was astatine the clip the richest idiosyncratic successful the satellite and 1 of the wealthiest radical of each time.

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His wealthiness laic from the Golconda mines, the lone supplier of diamonds successful the satellite astatine the time.

At the highest of his wealth, the Nizam had 2 per cent of the world's gross home product.

One of Queen Elizabeth II's astir celebrated jewels was a necklace talented to her by the Nizam of Hyderabad arsenic a wedding gift.

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Despite his wealth, the Nizam would bum cigarettes from guests and knit his ain socks.

The Nizam had 34 children from 8 wives. By the 1990s, determination were much than 400 claimants to his estate.

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M*A*S*H debuted connected American tv connected September 17, 1972.

The amusement struggled successful the ratings successful its archetypal twelvemonth and was astir cancelled.

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But the amusement was connected aerial for 11 years, 8 years longer than the Korean War successful which it was set.

Its last occurrence attracted 106 cardinal viewers successful the US, by acold the astir watched scripted TV occurrence to this day.

September 16

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September 16

World champion finswimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan saved the lives of 20 radical aft a trolleybus crashed into a water successful Armenia connected September 16, 1976.

Karapetyan was jogging alongside Yerevan Lake erstwhile helium saw the trolleybus sinking successful the water.

He dove into the murky h2o and smashed the backmost window, making 20 dives to propulsion passengers to safety.

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