Brand-new Ferrari FXX V12 engine is heading to auction

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Claimed to beryllium the lone Ferrari FXX motor offered to the wide public, RM Sotheby's estimates this uncommon V12 could merchantability for arsenic overmuch arsenic £350,000 ($AU640,000).

Jordan Mulach
Brand-new Ferrari FXX V12 motor  is heading to auction

Do you request a caller motor for your Ferrari FXX track-only supercar, oregon are you conscionable looking to adhd different absorbing portion to your postulation of automotive parts?

Auction location RM Sotheby's has precocious listed the marque caller motor from a Ferrari FXX arsenic a portion of its “Garagista Collection”, estimating the 6.3-litre V12 could merchantability for anyplace betwixt £200,000 and £350,000 – equivalent to astir $AU365,000 and $AU640,000.

The listing claims it is the first-ever Ferrari FXX motor – codenamed Tipo F140 DA – to beryllium sold arsenic a caller aged banal (NOS) item, implicit with its ancillary parts including aerial inlets and a wiring loom.

Brand-new Ferrari FXX V12 motor  is heading to auction

The Ferrari FXX was launched successful 2005 arsenic a track-only mentation of the Ferrari Enzo, with accumulation initially constricted to 29 examples – though the Italian car-maker added an other car to the tally for 1 of its astir important employees.

Chassis 30 was delivered to seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher aft helium retired from the athletics astatine the extremity of the 2006 season. Schumacher and his Ferrari FXX  famously appeared successful the opening occurrence of Top Gear’s 13th series, mounting a thigh clip astir the trial track. 

Ferrari claimed the FXX’s V12 motor could make up to 588kW and 686Nm – astir 100kW and 40kW much than the Enzo it is based connected – but accumulation of the F140 bid continues today, powering the 812 GT car and upcoming Purosangue SUV.

Brand-new Ferrari FXX V12 motor  is heading to auction

According to the RM Sotheby's listing, the motor volition beryllium delivered to the winning bidder successful a crate, though the auction location suggests the V12 could “serve arsenic a fantastic centrepiece successful immoderate collection” if it is mounted correctly.

Turning car parts into pieces of furnishings is not caller – galore overseas companies connection java tables based connected high-end engines.

Earlier this year, a Ferrari 360’s V8 motor which had been converted into a java array sold astatine a Bonhams auction successful Paris for €22,950 ($AU36,700) – astir one-tenth of the lowest estimation for the FXX V12. 

The Ferrari FXX motor auction – and each different tons successful the “Garagista Collection” – are owed to beryllium auctioned online betwixt March 22-29.

Jordan Mulach

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