Can’t Meditate? These Podcasts May Be the Game-Changer

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The 18 Best Meditation Podcasts

Learning however to decently signifier breathing techniques oregon however to crushed yourself is easier said than done. It tin beryllium pugnacious to absorption your mind, particularly erstwhile trying to bash it alone. But luckily, you don't person to, acknowledgment to meditation podcasts! Led by meditation and mindfulness experts, these podcasts utilize affirmations, guided meditations, yoga and meditating together, and breathing techniques to assistance you negociate accent and anxiety.

Whether you similar to meditate astatine greeting oregon night, oregon lone person 15 minutes to spare, there's a podcast and meditation usher for everyone. And aft listening, you'll beryllium truthful gladsome that you squeezed 1 of these podcasts into your hectic schedule. Trust us, these meditation podcasts volition assistance support you cool, calm, and collected. Find your zen ahead!

1 "Tracks to Relax"

"Tracks to Relax"

Do you person occupation falling asleep? A guided meditation could help. "Tracks to Relax" works to "bring your caput and assemblage into a heavy authorities of relaxation astatine bedtime" done guided meditations, bedtime stories, self-care, and slumber sounds. Episodes alteration from 7 minutes to an hour, with caller installments dropping each Wednesday.

Listen to "Tracks to Relax" here.

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2 "12 Minute Meditation"

"12 Minute Meditation"

As its sanction implies, "12 Minute Meditation" offers play 12-minute guided meditations that acceptable retired to amended your attention, focus, and calm. You'll perceive from a rotating sheet of mindfulness experts who usher each episode's meditation and supply further penetration into that week's topic. New episodes are released each Thursday.

Listen to "12 Minute Meditation" here.

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3 "Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations"

"Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations"

Find your interior bid with the sounds of the "Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations" podcast. It was designed with Black and Indigenous women successful mind, arsenic good arsenic immoderate women of colour crossed the diaspora, "to assistance america reconnect with our interior states of mind, assemblage and psyche successful bid to modulation you into a peaceful authorities of caput and hole you for sleep."

Listen to "Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations" here.

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4 "Mindfulness Meditation"

"Mindfulness Meditation"

If you admit the arts oregon are looking to get into a caller benignant of meditation podcast, perceive to "Mindfulness Meditation." Sponsored by The Rubin Museum of Art, the play podcast features 30-minute meditations that are centered astir circumstantial works of art. Episodes are hosted by antithetic New York-based meditation teachers and see an representation of the artwork successful the episode's screen photograph truthful you tin visually travel along.

Listen to "Mindfulness Meditation" here.

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5 "Meditation Minis"

"Meditation Minis"

Led by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, "Meditation Minis" is cleanable for beginners oregon those with engaged schedules. These 10-minute episodes are large for soothing stress, boosting confidence, and learning however to calm your anxiousness and flooded antagonistic thoughts. New guided meditations driblet each Monday, with the occasional bonus occurrence successful between.

Listen to "Meditation Minis" here.

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6 "Yoga by Nature"

"Yoga by Nature"

Morven Hamilton's "Yoga by Nature" is simply a yoga and meditation league each wrapped up into one. Get a workout successful portion besides uncovering your center, focusing connected heavy relaxation and learning caller conscious breathing techniques. Listeners tin leap astir oregon repetition episodes, which scope from 10 to 90 minutes long.

Listen to "Yoga by Nature" here.

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7 "Meditation For Women"

"Meditation For Women"

"Meditation For Women" includes guided meditations, meditation diary prompts, relaxing music, and affirmation sayings and techniques. This podcast is large for those who are looking to halfway and bespeak connected their day.

Listen to "Meditation For Women" here.

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8 "Morning Meditation For Women"

"Morning Meditation For Women"

If you're craving much "Meditation For Women" guides, past subscribe to its sister podcast, "Morning Meditation For Women." Here, you'll find further affirmations and diary prompts, arsenic good arsenic sunrise guided meditations, which you tin signifier earlier getting retired of bed. New episodes are disposable daily.

Listen to "Morning Meditation For Women" here.

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9 "Mindful successful Minutes"

"Mindful successful  Minutes"

"Mindful successful Minutes" big Kelly Smith releases guided meditations each Sunday to assistance jump-start your week connected a positive, afloat charged note. Guided meditations scope from 8 minutes to an hour, truthful consciousness escaped to propulsion from the archives if this week's occurrence doesn't acceptable good with your schedule. Some topics she talks astir and encourages you to meditate connected see manifestation, self-love, and gratitude.

Listen to "Mindful successful Minutes" here.

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10 "Wake Me Up"

"Wake Me Up"

Kick-start your time with a guided meditation from the "Wake Me Up" podcast. Every occurrence is afloat of affirmative affirmations and tiny ways successful which you tin beryllium a amended you today. Host Tyler Brown has recorded implicit 150 episodes to date, truthful you tin tune into erstwhile meditations successful betwixt caller episodes.

Listen to "Wake Me Up" here.

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11 "The Mindful Minute"

"The Mindful Minute"

Host Meryl Arnett of "The Mindful Minute" helps meditation beginners get retired of their caput by articulating what you should beryllium doing with each enactment successful and each enactment out. With implicit 300 episodes to date, you'll person plentifulness of meditations to take from.

Listen to "The Mindful Minute" here.

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12 "The Joy Factor"

"The Joy Factor"

Embrace a much affirmative mindset and joyousness with "The Joy Factor." Host Julie Hanson pulls from her galore areas of expertise arsenic a therapist, beingness coach, and yoga teacher to assistance listeners cultivate their way to a much joyful lifestyle. She besides brings connected intelligence wellness and wellness experts to stock their ain tips and tricks for uncovering and creating joy.

Listen to "The Joy Factor" here.

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13 "The Meditation Podcast"

"The Meditation Podcast"

Husband-wife duo Jesse and Jeane Stern person been signaling "The Meditation Podcast" for 15 years! With implicit 20 years of acquisition successful healing arts, the mates alternate betwixt guided meditation, binaural beats, and mindfulness to make soothing and rhythmic monthly meditation episodes for listeners.

Listen to "The Meditation Podcast" here.

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14 "Hay House Meditations"

"Hay House Meditations"

"Hay House Meditations" features play guided meditations led by a assortment of published authors. Some meditative themes that are touched connected see emotion and gratitude, bid of mind, and healing. Listeners tin look guardant to caller episodes each Sunday.

Listen to "Hay House Meditations" here.

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15 "The Morning Ritual"

"The Morning Ritual"

Led by podcaster Lilly Balch, "The Morning Ritual" helps reconstruct balance, ease, energy, and joyousness into your time done a centering meditation. Balch besides brings connected different mindfulness experts to co-guide each episode's meditation and taxable of discussion.

Listen to "The Morning Ritual" here.

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16 "Untangle"


If you're looking to larn much astir mindfulness and however meditation physically and emotionally impacts the quality body, springiness "Untangle" a listen. The podcast invites psychologists, neuroscientists, nutritionists, and mindfulness teachers for candid conversations astir the value of meditation and however practicing self-love tin assistance combat anxiousness and different feelings. Look retired for caller episodes each week.

Listen to "Untangle" here.

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17 "Meditation Oasis"

"Meditation Oasis"

"Meditation Oasis" allows you to take from a plethora of meditative options, immoderate of which absorption connected music, belly breathing, oregon guided radical meditations. Hosts Mary and Richard Maddux besides dedicate episodes to teaching listeners however to bash meditations connected their ain truthful you tin support up with your breathing and grounding techniques post-podcast.

Listen to "Meditation Oasis" here.

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18 "The Daily Meditation Podcast"

"The Daily Meditation Podcast"

"The Daily Meditation Podcast" aims to assistance you negociate emotions and accent triggers. You'll larn however to dilatory down and beryllium present, arsenic good arsenic a glossary of affirmations for each emotion. Each week follows a taxable specified arsenic compassion oregon gaining intelligence clarity.

Listen to "The Daily Meditation Podcast" here.

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