Church seeks exemption for religious belief in misinformation bill

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Catholics and Muslims person raised the alarm astir the imaginable for Labor’s caller online misinformation laws to restrain the teaching of spiritual doctrine connected issues specified arsenic euthanasia.

The almighty Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is pushing to marque definite a idiosyncratic expressing sincere spiritual beliefs cannot beryllium captured nether a draught measure that has been criticised by the Coalition, quality rights commission, civilian liberties groups and apical ineligible minds.

Melbourne’s Catholic archbishop, Peter Comensoli.

Melbourne’s Catholic archbishop, Peter Comensoli.Credit: Joe Armao

Peter Comensoli – the Melbourne archbishop and seat of the Bishops Commission for Life, Family and Public Engagement – claims the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combating Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill defines “harmful” mis- and disinformation truthful vaguely that it could seizure a wide scope of communications.

“Is it someway harmful to accidental euthanasia is not aesculapian care? Many radical retired determination present accidental VAD [voluntary assisted dying] is simply a benignant of aesculapian care,” helium said successful an interview. “I would reason it is not. Am I someway doing harm by saying that?”

Progressive radical Catholics for Renewal believes the measure would outlaw the teaching of Catholic doctrine connected homosexuality, which holds that LGBTQ radical person a “disorder”. The radical supports this prohibition and is suggesting immoderate spiritual exemptions beryllium accompanied by a request to admit modern subject alongside doctrine.


In the bishops’ conference’s written submission to the government, which has not yet been published by the government, Comensoli said galore spiritual services were streamed online and could beryllium tied up successful the bill, which has yet to beryllium introduced to parliament and seeks to code societal harm caused by misleading and mendacious accusation connected societal platforms.

“There are radical who volition sometimes incorrectly assertion that the teachings of the Catholic Church are ‘hateful’ oregon ‘harmful’. The league is acrophobic that the measure could beryllium utilized to represent the church’s connection of its teachings arsenic a signifier of nationalist misinformation,” the Catholic submission states.

“As a signatory to the International Covenant connected Civil and Political Rights, Australia is enactment to an planetary statement to guarantee that its radical are escaped to manifest their ‘religion oregon content successful teaching, practice, worship and observance’.

“This is universally accepted to bespeak that communicating sincerely held spiritual beliefs is an important publication to the communal bully that should beryllium safeguarded erstwhile drafting legislation.”

Kamalle Dabboussy, of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said his organisation had not settled connected a ceremonial presumption connected the measure but cited “concern that the statement astir this and akin authorities whitethorn curtail state of spiritual expression”.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland.

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland.Credit: Alex Ellinghausen

“Every household needs to support their ain cultural, linguistic and spiritual heritage. With owed diligence the authorities tin heed these concerns,” helium said.

The law, projected by Communications Minister Michelle Rowland, would springiness the Australian Communications and Media Authority powerfulness to good societal media giants millions of dollars for misinformation and contented it deems harmful.

Responsibility for censoring claims volition prevarication with platforms specified arsenic TikTok and Meta, but nationalist instrumentality adept Professor Anne Twomey, who past period labelled the measure a “fiasco”, has said the Communications and Media Authority would, astatine an underlying level, beryllium the determinant of misinformation owed to its enforcement role.

“We bash besides request to beryllium precise cautious that the cure does not extremity up being worse than the disease,” she said past month. “There is simply a superior hazard successful combating misinformation and disinformation, we earnestly undermine state of speech, which is simply a pillar of that strategy of ideology we are trying to defend.”

Professor Anne Twomey precocious    labelled the measure  a “fiasco”.

Professor Anne Twomey precocious labelled the measure a “fiasco”.Credit: Louise Kennerley

Concerns astir the measure person been raised by a wide scope of civilian nine groups. They centre connected state of expression, wide definitions of misinformation, and sections that mean nonrecreational quality organisations, governments and academics cannot beryllium accused of misinformation.

Independent MP Zoe Daniel, a erstwhile journalist, said it was important to clamp down connected mendacious online accusation and slammed the Coalition for what she said was its fearmongering implicit the bill. However, she said the draught measure included definitions that whitethorn beryllium excessively vague.

“This is an uncomfortable but indispensable conversation, and immoderate authorities indispensable beryllium cautiously calibrated to assistance rebuild, not further erode, nationalist trust. I say: don’t bin the bill; hole the bill,” she said successful parliament connected Monday.

Rowland’s spokesperson said the authorities was conducting a nationalist consultation connected whether the measure struck the close equilibrium betwixt blocking harmful contented and protecting state of speech.

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