‘Difficult decision’: Menulog cuts jobs in Australia

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Takeaway elephantine Menulog has axed jobs astatine its Sydney caput bureau arsenic planetary cost-cutting successful the nutrient transportation sector, a marketplace darling during the epoch of COVID lockdowns, gathers pace.

Menulog, which is portion of the Amsterdam-headquartered institution Just Eat Takeaway.com, confirmed connected Thursday determination had been section redundancies. The determination follows rival work Deliveroo pulling retired of Australia earlier this month, putting 150 radical retired of work, and Voly, a section start-up that did accelerated market deliveries, formally calling successful administrators connected November 21.

Menulog has made redundancies astatine  its Australian caput  bureau   arsenic  portion  of a circular  of planetary  cost-cutting.

Menulog has made redundancies astatine its Australian caput bureau arsenic portion of a circular of planetary cost-cutting.Credit:Rhett Wyman

A Menulog spokeswoman would not disclose the fig of jobs that were eliminated, but said a “small fig of roles” were made redundant arsenic portion of a planetary restructure of Just Eat Takeaway’s lawsuit operations team.

“Over time, owed to factors similar growth, earthy attrition and exertion improvements, determination has been a gradual skew towards the fig of absorption and enactment roles successful the team,” the spokeswoman said successful a written statement.

“To guarantee we are operating arsenic efficiently arsenic possible, we person taken the hard determination to trim the fig of those absorption and enactment roles.”

She said affected unit would beryllium fixed enactment to find different jobs and “generous” redundancy provisions supra ineligible requirements. The spokeswoman besides emphasised the company’s committedness to Australia, saying its 16-year tenure gave it a beardown marque and scale.

“We person the standard to proceed to support a beardown presumption successful the marketplace and to tally a sustainable business,” she said.

Several manufacture sources, who were not authorised to talk publically by their employers, described Uber arsenic a wide person successful the nutrient transportation market, with galore times the gross of its rivals, followed by DoorDash.

Deliveroo trailed Menulog successful marketplace share, astatine 8 per cent and 20 per cent respectively, according to information for this twelvemonth from transportation absorption bundle institution Deliverect. The size of Asian food-focussed services Fantuan and HungryPanda is unclear.


Just Eat Takeaway.com has seen its stock terms plummet implicit the past 2 years, falling astir 80 per cent from highs supra €100 successful October 2020 to astir €20 ($31) this week arsenic investors gully backmost from semipermanent bets connected technology-enabled businesses and prioritise profitability. The institution has told the marketplace that it expects to marque a nett this afloat twelvemonth contempt falling orders globally, successful ample portion by cutting costs.

Menulog was founded successful Australia successful 2006 arsenic a mode of ordering from restaurants online. It was bought by Just Eat successful 2015 and began doing its ain nutrient deliveries via couriers who enactment arsenic autarkic contractors. Last year, it broke with the industry, which has been fiercely protective of the exemplary that is businesslike and flexible but besides means riders bash not person a minimum wage, and started to employment immoderate riders directly. But the tiny proceedings has suffered setbacks, including the concern tribunal rejecting Menulog’s effort to make caller wage rules for the industry.

Menulog is known for its commercials featuring vocalist Katy Perry and rapper Snoop Dogg.

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