Everything you need to know about Apple’s new iPhones

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Apple’s latest smartphones, announced Wednesday greeting successful California, person a slew of caller features packed in. Which besides means they rise a slew of caller questions, not each of which were answered satisfactorily successful its little livestream.

The institution has yet outfitted its phones with USB-C, after thing of a nudge from European lawmakers, and it’s brought immoderate (but not all) of its champion features from past year’s Pro phones to the modular model. For this year’s iPhone Pro, Apple has dropped the long-lived mute power and claims the telephone has entree to 7 camera lenses contempt conscionable having 3 that are physically present. Here’s however it each works.

The iPhone 15 sticks with agleam  colours, though   it has a precise  antithetic  decorativeness  this time.

The iPhone 15 sticks with agleam colours, though it has a precise antithetic decorativeness this time.Credit: Tim Biggs

New port, caller cables

Apple resisted giving USB-C a comic selling sanction arsenic it has for different manufacture standards, which is understandable arsenic it’s already a precise communal exertion recovered connected everything from headphones to monitors to cameras. So, volition each that worldly enactment with your USB-C iPhone erstwhile you plug it in? Yes, but with immoderate caveats.

The modular iPhone 15 models person USB-C but astatine the older USB 2 specification, meaning their maximum information transportation velocity is the aforesaid arsenic past year’s iPhone 14 contempt the caller connector, astatine 480MB per second.

Anything that requires USB 3 speeds (up to 10GB per second) volition not work. However, the caller spec does mean the iPhone tin enactment retired capable foodstuff to complaint your AirPods oregon Apple Watch if you link them with a cable.

The enactment   fastener  connected  the iPhone 15 Pro tin  unfastened  the camera, oregon  adjacent    acceptable   disconnected  astute  location  devices.

The enactment fastener connected the iPhone 15 Pro tin unfastened the camera, oregon adjacent acceptable disconnected astute location devices.Credit: Tim Biggs

When it comes to the iPhone 15 Pro, determination is enactment for USB 3. Apple said the crushed it’s included present and not connected the modular exemplary is due to the fact that the USB 3 controller is built into the caller A17 Pro chip, whereas the modular exemplary has past year’s A16 Bionic.

All versions of the telephone look to travel with the aforesaid braided USB-C cable, which is truly nice, but is lone susceptible of USB 2 speeds. You volition request a antithetic cablegram and a accelerated charging powerfulness adapter to maximise everything, though due to the fact that it’s USB-C you whitethorn already ain some.

The Pro difference

Aside from the USB-C spec, the caller phones disagree successful a fig of ways. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus get a batch much from past year’s 14 Pro than its processor, including its matte solid finish, thinner surface bezels and the dynamic land that serves arsenic a location for notifications and different information. But the always-on show and accelerated refresh rates stay a Pro-exclusive feature.

The caller Pros person titanium cases for the archetypal clip and athletics a brushed metallic look successful typically muted Pro colours. The surface borders person shrunk adjacent farther truthful that the phones are physically smaller than their non-Pro counterparts, and erstwhile you prime them up the archetypal happening you announcement is that they’re highly airy compared to past year’s alloy Pros.

On the side, the Pros person a caller fastener wherever the mute power utilized to be, and you tin take what it does successful the phone’s settings. It tin mute and unmute your telephone of course, oregon unfastened the camera to a circumstantial mode (and enactment arsenic the shutter button), activate immoderate Siri shortcut, commencement a dependable signaling and more. It has tactile feedback a spot similar the Apple Watch’s integer crown, truthful you tin consciousness that it did thing adjacent if you’re pressing it without looking.

The iPhone 15, present  with the aforesaid  connector arsenic  your different   devices.

The iPhone 15, present with the aforesaid connector arsenic your different devices.

How galore lenses?

Apple says that the iPhone 15 is similar having 3 cameras successful your pocket, adjacent though the main lens array inactive lone has two. What it’s referring to is that the wide lens present has a 48MP sensor, which is large capable that you tin harvest a afloat representation retired of the middle, successful effect giving you a high-quality 2x zoom. I’ll assistance that that mightiness beryllium “like” having 3 cameras, but we’ll request to trial a spot much extensively to spot however it holds up.

Things get a spot silly connected the Pro with the assertion that it has 7 lenses, though seeing the strategy successful enactment is impressive. Essentially, the camera app gives you a fig of antithetic focal magnitude options for each of the 3 main cameras, and toggling betwixt them is astir equivalent to changing lenses connected a accepted camera. You tin besides individually acceptable your favourite, truthful it ever switches to that erstwhile you usage that lens.

The Pro Max has an exclusive instrumentality of its ain here; a 5x optical zoom lens successful spot of the smaller Pro’s 3x. This is not a periscope lens arsenic had been rumoured, but a caller plan that Apple calls a tetraprism. Essentially, it bounces airy backmost and distant to make the effect of a agelong lens without a monolithic camera bump. It besides comes with a caller representation stabiliser that moves successful each 3 dimensions, and successful my little hands-on I was capable to easy absorption connected faraway faces and fastener them.

Yes, they’re much expensive

Most of the caller iPhones are betwixt $70 and $100 much costly than their equivalent iPhone 14. For starting prices that’s $1500 for the iPhone 15, $1650 for the Plus and $1850 for the Pro.


But successful the US, Apple is keeping the prices the aforesaid arsenic past year, which would bespeak that our section terms emergence is much to bash with currency fluctuations than thing else, fixed the institution works retired the prices successful US dollars first.

One objection is the $2200 iPhone Pro Max, which has seen an summation to its starting terms adjacent successful the US. But this is due to the fact that the slightest costly exemplary has 256GB of storage, whereas past twelvemonth you could take a 128GB version.

As with each year, it’s worthy your portion present to look astatine what the merchandise of the caller iPhone has done to erstwhile models’ prices. The iPhone 13 has gone down to $1100, the iPhone 14 to $1300 and the 14 Plus to $1500.

The writer travelled to California arsenic a impermanent of Apple.

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