Exclusive: Bumper in Berlin stars on spoofing and satirising the original movies in new Pitch Perfect TV series

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The Pitch Perfect bid of 3 precise palmy films has a loyal cult following, grossing implicit $565 cardinal worldwide astatine the container office.

Now the Pitch Perfect beingness expands into a marque caller TV series, Pitch Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin, dropping exclusively connected Stan.

Pitch Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin is present streaming lone connected Stan.

Set respective years aft his past quality successful Pitch Perfect 3, the bid follows Bumper Allen (Adam DeVine) arsenic helium moves to Germany to revive his euphony vocation aft 1 of his songs becomes a large deed successful Berlin.

As Bumper navigates beingness successful a large German city, helium meets Heidi, played by Sarah Hyland.

Hyland and Devine antecedently worked unneurotic connected the drama bid Modern Family.

 Bumper successful  Berlin, StanSarah Hyland and Adam Devine successful Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin connected Stan (Stan)

The Bumper formed is rounded retired by Flula Borg (Pieter), Jameela Jamil (Gisela) and Lera Abova (DJ Das Boot).

Borg is reprising the relation helium played connected Pitch Perfect 2 arsenic Pieter Krämer, Das Sound Machine's "second-in-command".

"I was precise fortunate to beryllium portion of Pitch Perfect 2, astatine that constituent I was precise excited. I couldn't judge it happened, and past it happened," Borg tells 9Entertainment.

"I was conscionable truthful excited to beryllium portion of [Bumper successful Berlin]."

 Bumper successful  Berlin,  StanAdam Devine stars successful Pitch Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin connected Stan. (Stan)

In the caller series, Pieter's relation expands arsenic helium shares a past with caller Pitch Perfect villain Gisela, played by Jameela Jamil.

Jamil is good known to audiences arsenic her relation of Tahani connected The Good Place. 

"I wasn't alert there was a franchise earlier this, I thought we were starting thing wholly new," jokes Jamil.

Tahani, The Good PlaceActress Jameela Jamil appearing arsenic Tahani successful The Good Place. (NBCUniversal Television)

"It's astonishing to cognize determination was a instrumentality basal for this amusement and radical are bare for thing new," she says.

Lera Abova plays DJ Das Boot, Pieter's sister, and you tin expect plentifulness of household play betwixt them.

Flula Borg, Jameela Jamil and Lera Abova.Flula Borg, Jameela Jamil and Lera Abova promoting Pitch Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin. (Nine)

"There was a infinitesimal successful this satellite wherever everyone successful the satellite knew what Pitch Perfect was. It's a immense deal," Abova explains.

"I privation the fans from Pitch Perfect radical don't comparison the amusement to the movies and they surrender to the show. And that the humour and the 'warm feeling' you get from watching the films, volition stay."

For Jamil, she's excited to spot however fans respond to the caller Pitch Perfect entry.

"I deliberation we tin pull caller radical who possibly wouldn't person thought of Pitch Perfect arsenic their genre, due to the fact that determination is simply a batch of The Good Place-type humour successful this. [Creator] Megan Amram is specified a smart, edgy writer and I deliberation we've taken the Pitch Perfect [world] and added a interaction of spoof and satire.

"It's what the satellite needs close now: We're each taking ourselves mode excessively seriously." 

Pitch Perfect: Bumper successful Berlin is present streaming lone connected Stan.

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