‘Extreme overreach’: Frydenberg felt betrayed by Morrison’s secret appointment

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If immoderate further impervious was needed that Scott Morrison had mislaid interaction with reality, not lone portion helium was premier minister, but that his malady had lingered for months after, it came during his archetypal speech with Josh Frydenberg aft Anthony Albanese revealed that Treasury was 1 of the erstwhile premier minister’s concealed ministries.

Almost instantly aft Albanese’s stunning announcement, Morrison tried to interaction Frydenberg, ostensibly to apologise to his erstwhile deputy. Frydenberg ignored Morrison’s archetypal fewer attempts, not trusting himself to talk to him, past yet responded. Frydenberg can’t really retrieve Morrison utilizing the ‘s’ connection - sorry.

Josh Frydenberg felt betrayed by Scott Morrison secretly appointing himself to the Treasury portfolio.

Josh Frydenberg felt betrayed by Scott Morrison secretly appointing himself to the Treasury portfolio.Credit:Marija Ercegovac

What truly stuck successful Frydenberg’s mind, and his craw, was Morrison’s effect successful that archetypal speech erstwhile a profoundly disappointed Frydenberg enactment it to him that: ‘You wouldn’t bash it again if you had your clip over!’ Morrison replied: ‘Yes I would.’

Frydenberg was staggered. When helium asked him wherefore helium had done it, Morrison had nary coherent explanation, but to accidental that ‘No 1 understands what it was like’ - a taxable helium would reprise astatine his property league afterwards, the 1 wherever helium besides insisted that helium and Frydenberg remained ‘the champion of friends’.

Frydenberg was incredulous. After a fewer days, Morrison rang Frydenberg again. He told him helium had been reasoning astir their conversation. On reflection, helium said, no, helium would astir apt not instrumentality Treasury if helium had his clip over. Note, helium lone referred to Treasury. And determination was inactive nary apology.

When I asked Frydenberg if helium inactive regarded Morrison arsenic a friend, helium replied instinctively: ‘Yes.’ When I asked him if the relationship had been damaged, the reply was the same: ‘Yes.’ Despite Frydenberg’s affirmative reflex response, that is 1 narration that volition ne'er beryllium the aforesaid again.

Morrison began successful authorities with fewer friends, and ended with adjacent fewer. People who had stuck by him for decades, fought each his battles, gathered his numbers, prayed with him, and defended him - often astatine immoderate outgo to their ain reputations and careers - felt used, wounded, and deceived.


When we spoke successful precocious August 2022, aft Frydenberg had spent a week successful Queensland with his family, it was the archetypal clip helium had agreed to talk publically astir Morrison’s actions.

Frydenberg recovered retired what Morrison had done connected societal media aft Albanese announced it. Friends and journalists bombarded him with messages, mostly featuring the googly-eyed emoji that doubles for OMG and WTF, which is precisely what helium felt.

We had a little speech then. He was angry, hurt, confused, dumbstruck. It was specified a betrayal of trust. He debated whether oregon not to respond publicly. After helium decided helium would, and to bash it archetypal for this book, helium took a fewer days aft the household vacation to constitute a response. And to constitute himself.

“It’s intolerable decently to measure the decision-making during the pandemic without knowing the discourse successful which decisions were made,” Frydenberg told me.

“We faced a once-in-a-century pandemic, an evolving crisis, laden with uncertainty arsenic to what each time would bring. This meant we had to instrumentality and unrecorded with decisions connected some the wellness and economical beforehand that successful mean times would ne'er person been contemplated.

“That being said, I don’t deliberation determination was immoderate crushed for Scott to instrumentality connected the further Treasury portfolio. The information helium did instrumentality it, and it was not made transparent to maine and others, was incorrect and profoundly disappointing.

“It was utmost overreach.”

It was a measured, cautiously calibrated effect from Frydenberg arsenic helium sought to convey some empathy and anger, portion idiosyncratic separation from Morrison - indispensable if helium is to resume his governmental vocation - portion endorsement of their decision-making during Covid, and portion concern of the precocious motivation ground. To which helium was entitled. Frydenberg, successful his ain words, had been ‘loyal to a fault’ to Morrison. And this was however helium was repaid.

Although helium knew that Morrison had acquired health, helium did not cognize helium had taken connected finance, and did not cognize helium had moved connected to different portfolios, including his own. Frydenberg was struggling to travel to presumption with it all.

Josh Frydenberg struggled to reconcile the cognition  with his relationship  with Scott Morrison.

Josh Frydenberg struggled to reconcile the cognition with his relationship with Scott Morrison.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

During our conversation, helium was inactive racking his encephalon trying to deliberation what, if anything, could person prompted Morrison to get Treasury. The enactment chatter hadn’t revved up until overmuch aboriginal successful 2021, truthful Frydenberg did not deliberation it was that - although, if, arsenic Morrison revealed, helium was medicating to sleep, who knows what helium was thinking.

And, arsenic written earlier, Alex Hawke reckons Morrison was convinced that MPs were plotting against him. Former Labor furniture curate Gerry Hand was fond of saying that each premier ministers spell huffy aft a while, adjacent successful supposedly mean times, and these were bonzer times.

There were, however, 2 events successful precocious April, weeks earlier the 2021 fund and lone days earlier Morrison’s concealed takeover, which Frydenberg thinks whitethorn person contributed to Morrison’s determination to get Treasury. One was a quality communicative asserting that Frydenberg was pushing backmost against a levy to money aged attraction that Morrison was backing.

Frydenberg was acrophobic the communicative was an effort to divided them, and said truthful to Morrison. Morrison told him that wouldn’t hap because: ‘I spot you, Josh.’

Bulldozed by Niki Savva

Bulldozed by Niki Savva

The second, hard to comprehend fixed the desertion of women from the Liberal Party, was successful the lead-up to that year’s fund connected 11 May, erstwhile Morrison was fiercely resisting a propulsion from Frydenberg to supply other backing for childcare. The authorities was already spending astir $10 cardinal connected childcare, Morrison argued, and helium wasn’t convinced of its ‘efficacy’.

Frydenberg, moving with Jane Hume, Anne Ruston, Marise Payne, and Alan Tudge, had enactment unneurotic a bundle worthy $1.8 cardinal that would peculiarly assistance those with 2 oregon much children. Kelly O’Dwyer had utilized polling a fewer years earlier to person Morrison to money a women’s package. Frydenberg twisted his limb connected childcare, utilizing implied threats.

“I americium telling you arsenic treasurer I privation this, you request it, you person ministers who enactment it,” Frydenberg told Morrison. It was a uncommon win. Frydenberg was arrogant that helium had been capable to crook Morrison astir connected an contented wherever helium held precise beardown views. After helium heard that Morrison’s concealed takeover had occurred connected 6 May 2021, lone 5 days retired from that year’s budget, a severely bruised Frydenberg, who had prided himself connected his loyalty, couldn’t assistance wondering if those 2 events mightiness person triggered it.

He could not deliberation of immoderate different explanation, and Morrison had surely not been capable to supply 1 that made immoderate sense, different than that helium was getting blamed for everything anyway, and that nary 1 knew what it was similar to beryllium him.

If Frydenberg had known astir it before, helium says helium would person insisted that Morrison revoke his takeover. He would person told Morrison that helium was the lawman person and the treasurer - not him. Colleagues accidental that if Mathias Cormann had known, helium ‘would person gone ballistic’.

As would Karen Andrews. Stuart Robert and Alex Hawke would person besides told him to backmost off. It would person been a brave, oregon foolhardy, oregon wholly deluded premier curate to person persisted successful the look of specified wide opposition. Or, depending connected his authorities of mind, helium mightiness person raced disconnected to the governor-general to telephone an election.

If Morrison had resisted, Frydenberg is convinced determination would person been a challenge, due to the fact that of the level of outrage successful the party’s mean and blimpish ranks. More likely, contempt the implicit lack of remorse afterwards, Frydenberg believes that Morrison would person done 1 of his celebrated ‘pivots’ and relinquished the further ministries.

Even those usually counted among Morrison’s fewer friends successful government, who had followed him religiously, literally, including Hawke and Robert were dismayed. Robert, who continued to commune regularly with Morrison some astatine the Lodge and successful his Parliament House office, peculiarly earlier large events, thought it was ‘nuts’.

Former curate  and Morrison’s adjacent  friend, Stuart Robert, said either Morrison’s main  of unit   oregon  the caput  of his section  should person  stopped him.

Former curate and Morrison’s adjacent friend, Stuart Robert, said either Morrison’s main of unit oregon the caput of his section should person stopped him. Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

He was mightily offended by Morrison’s deficiency of religion successful him personally to beryllium capable to measurement into those portfolios if thing happened to the ministers.

“Scotty’s a friend, arsenic overmuch arsenic 1 tin person a person successful politics,” Robert told me. “We are inactive reasonably adjacent successful that regard.” Twice during an hour-long conversation, aft I had asked him if they were inactive friends, helium laughed and quoted the aged maxim: “If you privation a person successful politics, get a dog.”

He says tons of brainsick things happened during Covid, and blamed the concealed ministry takeovers connected mediocre advice. He said either Morrison’s main of unit oregon the caput of his section should person stopped him. “They should person hauled him back,” helium said.

“We were facing Armageddon,” Robert said. Even so, helium did not deliberation this was a bully capable crushed to excuse Morrison’s actions. “If Armageddon happens, if each those 5 [ministers] get wiped out, past curse others in,” helium said. He pointed retired that it would lone person taken a fewer minutes, and that if Morrison himself had gone down, different premier curate would person been sworn in.

In mid June 2021, aft Morrison told Keith Pitt helium had sworn himself successful arsenic Resources Minister to artifact the PEP 11 task to drill for state disconnected the New South Wales coast, Pitt considered unilaterally releasing a connection approving it. He besides considered resigning. He did neither due to the fact that helium did not privation to plunge the authorities into crisis. Pitt’s conversations with Morrison and with his bureau are chronicled elsewhere successful Bulldozed.

Karen Andrews told maine she did not instrumentality it personally oregon respect it arsenic a flimsy erstwhile she recovered retired Morrison had acquired her Ministry of Home Affairs. Nor was she fussed astir getting an apology. But she was mightily offended that helium had not repaid the loyalty helium had been shown.

Former location  affairs curate  Karen Andrews cannot recognize   Scott Morrison’s decisions astir  the aggregate  ministries.

Former location affairs curate Karen Andrews cannot recognize Scott Morrison’s decisions astir the aggregate ministries.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“It diminished him, it diminished the cabinet, and diminished the authorities each that enactment we did during Covid, manufacture stepped up - it was truly bully work. That was diminished,” she said.

She said if ministers had known, they would person insisted his other commissions beryllium revoked. If helium had refused, she believes it is imaginable helium would person been challenged.

“He had precise beardown enactment from ministers astatine the time. I thought furniture worked well,” she said. “Ministers were unswervingly loyal to him. We went into the predetermination warring it retired for him and the Liberal Party. Josh Frydenberg pushed backmost connected challenging him. There was truthful overmuch loyalty fixed to Morrison, and helium has, successful hindsight, squandered each the goodwill that was there.”

When Morrison yet called her to apologise, aft being prompted by Peter Dutton, it was a little conversation. He told her helium had lone acquired portfolios wherever ministers had unilateral powers.

Andrews did not inquire him wherefore helium had done it. Asked wherefore she hadn’t, she replied: “Because determination is nary crushed I would deliberation was plausible.”


In a deliberate maneuver - thought through, but ill-judged - hours aft Albanese revealed the grade of Morrison’s deception, Dutton’s shadow cabinet decided to downplay it.

“The presumption was, we were champion not to speech astir it,” 1 frontbencher said later. The ascendant presumption was that: “A time not spent talking astir the rising outgo of surviving was a wasted day.” As if it was not imaginable to speech astir some the system and to code a superior breach of conventions astatine the aforesaid time.

Morrison had been protected by a conspiracy of silence. No 1 who knew what helium had done blew the whistle.

The Governor-General, David Hurley, was a erstwhile subject man, precise adjacent to Morrison, besides profoundly religious, who would impulse - oregon alternatively oblige - guests astatine his authoritative residences, and astatine events astir the country, to sing to 1 another.

Guests were alerted to the expectations of their hosts by his wife, Linda, who would announce: “I judge that singing is simply a acquisition we springiness to 1 another.” The Department of Foreign Affairs began forewarning caller ambassadors of the Hurley contented earlier they made the trek to Government House.

‘You Are My Sunshine’ was a blistery favourite. Guests were told to look the idiosyncratic adjacent to them to sing the last chorus. Sometimes it would beryllium the acquainted tune with caller lyrics written by Mrs Hurley that would beryllium printed connected the backmost of menus and handed retired to guests. No 1 had an excuse not to sing along. Hurley was punctilious astir this ritual helium had initiated, adjacent though immoderate guests recovered it awkward oregon embarrassing.

But helium did not spot it arsenic his work oregon work to notify the public that the premier curate had secretly sworn himself successful to 5 further portfolios.

A erstwhile staffer, progressive intimately for years with interactions betwixt premier ministers and governors-general, said that Morrison’s concealed takeovers and the seeming acquiescence of the governor-general came astir arsenic a effect of “weakened institutions, weakened processes, and anemic people”. He was referring to the nationalist service, the governor-general’s office, and the premier minister’s office.

He said it was incorrect for radical to support describing what happened arsenic “weird” due to the fact that that minimised what had occurred. “It was not kooky - it was dangerous,” helium told me.

Albanese’s absorption was akin to astir radical and communal successful authorities erstwhile thing truthful bonzer unfolds. He didn’t cognize whether to laughter oregon outcry erstwhile helium recovered retired the afloat grade of Morrison’s concealed acquisitions. To laugh, due to the fact that the full happening was truthful preposterous; oregon to cry, due to the fact that of the affront to parliament and to conventions.

On his past time of a little holiday, Albanese twigged instantly to the value of it. He rang his staff, aft speechmaking an extract of Plagued successful The Australian, (which revealed lone that Morrison had been sworn into the Health and Finance portfolios arsenic an elegant solution) to inquire them to get to the bottommost of it.

Whatever governmental plays determination were successful Albanese’s response did not detract from the information that what Morrison had done was profoundly anserine and unsafe - the actions of an isolated, mistrustful, out-of-control person - and that Albanese’s ordering of an enquiry by erstwhile High Court Justice Virginia Bell, was not lone justified but critical.

Morrison became an entity of ridicule. He joined successful Facebook posts that poked amusive astatine what helium had done. Except that they were not laughing with him, they were laughing astatine him. Even Dutton made a gag astatine Morrison’s disbursal astatine the property gallery’s mid-winter shot connected 7 September. Dutton recited each the ministries helium had held - from adjunct treasurer, to health, to immigration, to location affairs and defence - implicit his 21 years successful parliament. “Imagine however aggravated I was erstwhile I recovered retired I could person been curate for each those portfolios astatine once,” helium said. “All those wasted years. How bully is Scott Morrison?”

Frydenberg remains convinced Morrison’s heavy unpopularity outgo him his seat. In September 2021, Morrison had a nett support standing of minus 18 successful Kooyong; by April 2022, it had much than doubled to minus 38. Monique Ryan was an exceptional candidate, but she besides had plentifulness to enactment with. Frydenberg has not yet decided whether helium volition recontest Kooyong.



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