Family of Newcastle woman Tasered by police call authorities' actions 'disturbing'

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Police were called to a artifact of units successful Stockton connected Thursday, September 14 aft reports Krista Kach was allegedly threatening a existent property cause with an axe aft she had been served an eviction notice.

The 47-year-old allegedly besides threatened officers with the axe and barricaded herself wrong a unit.

StocktonThe pistillate died aft a nine-hour siege with police. (9News)

After a astir nine-hour stand-off, constabulary entered the portion and deployed a azygous legume container circular and a Taser during the arrest.

The pistillate suffered an wounded to her enarthrosis but was capable to locomotion to an ambulance earlier her information deteriorated and she aboriginal died successful hospital.

Kach's household has said constabulary were informed that she needed aesculapian assistance connected the time of the incidental and that she wasn't a "dangerous person", questioning the request for the tactical response.

"We were assured that the constabulary would look aft our parent and that she would beryllium cared for by a infirmary and qualified aesculapian professionals," the household said successful a statement.

"Our parent was not a unsafe person, she has lived done hard circumstances but she was a loving and susceptible idiosyncratic that cared for radical and her family.

"The lone idiosyncratic successful information erstwhile the constabulary broke into our mother's location and the galore hours starring up to that infinitesimal was our mother."

StocktonKach's household is calling for a thorough autarkic investigation. (9News)

Her household called the incidental a "disturbing and heartbreaking" effect by constabulary aft Kach had conscionable recovered retired she would soon beryllium homeless.

"We anticipation determination volition beryllium a thorough autarkic probe into however things person gone truthful dreadfully wrong," the household added. has reached retired to NSW Police for comment.

The household said Kach was a beardown autarkic pistillate who cared profoundly astir her loved ones and community.

"She had experienced immoderate intelligence distress successful her beingness due to the fact that her beingness was rather tough, but she was good connected with her ain wellness and her household were advocating for her wellbeing with the constabulary anterior to the shooting incident," the household said.

A captious incidental probe squad is independently examining each circumstances astir the incident.

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