Flight attendants vote to strike one day after Qantas’ $150m profit upgrade

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Flight attendants ballot to onslaught 1 time aft Qantas’ $150m nett upgrade

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Qantas is facing different bout of concern enactment from its biggest worker radical a time aft the hose upgraded its nett forecast for the 2nd clip successful six weeks.

Almost 100 per cent of the airline’s 1200 home formation attendants voted successful favour of protected onslaught enactment if the bearer does not connection a amended wage deal.

Qantas’  biggest worker  radical  has voted to instrumentality     concern   enactment   if their wage  connection    is not improved.

Qantas’ biggest worker radical has voted to instrumentality concern enactment if their wage connection is not improved.

While nary dates oregon scope for the concern enactment person been set, the Flight Attendants Association of Australia said the demonstrations would minimise disruption to travellers to debar airdrome chaos.

This escalation of Qantas’s wage quality follows the carrier’s ASX announcement connected Wednesday of a $150 million upgrade to its nett forecast, to betwixt $1.35 cardinal and $1.45 cardinal successful underlying nett earlier tax, successful the archetypal fractional of its fiscal year. The carrier’s indebtedness is present expected to autumn to betwixt $2.3 cardinal and $2.5 cardinal by 31 December, astir $900 cardinal much than forecast.

Qantas’s endeavor statement connection would widen home compartment unit shifts from 9.5 hours to 12 hours, and up to 14 hours if there’s a disruption. The projected statement besides reduces remainder periods to 10 hours, which concerns the national who said it would summation fatigue issues.

Qantas has offered 3 per cent yearly wage rises to its workers aft they accepted a two-year wage frost erstwhile planes were grounded owed to COVID-19. About 33 per cent of the carrier’s employees, oregon 6500 people, who are covered by an endeavor statement person signed up to a post-COVID agreement.


The formation attendants are the latest radical to ballot to instrumentality concern enactment unless the connection is improved. In August, the licensed engineers servicing the bearer voted to instrumentality concern enactment and person truthful acold contained their protected enactment to a one-minute stoppage to debar disruption of passengers and proceed negotiations successful bully faith.

The hose said successful its trading update yesterday that it was “on-track to stock the benefits” of its profits with 20,000 non-executive employees done a $5000 boost outgo and 1000 shares if cardinal show conditions were met.

The Flight Attendant Association’s Teri O’Toole has been frustrated astatine Qantas main enforcement Alan Joyce’s assertion that the bulk of Qantas employees person $100,000 a year.

“Cabin unit are the airline’s biggest enactment radical and person $48,000 connected average, conscionable supra the modern award,” O’Toole said.


“We are not asking for excessively overmuch to beryllium compensated for taking a two-year wage frost portion serving the hose during conditions which required america to larn each state’s ever-changing restrictions mid-air, hazard our wellness regular and beryllium consistently abused by passengers.”

It’s the archetypal clip the formation attendants national has taken concern enactment and O’Toole is adamant the national does not privation to disturb travellers.

“The unit and the nationalist person had enough, but we are astatine breaking point. You can’t station an $150 cardinal nett upgrade and expect unit to instrumentality a wage cut,” she said.

Qantas said it was disappointed by the ballot and urged the national to “stick to their word” and debar rider disruptions. The bearer besides disputed the union’s presumption the wage connection was a wage chopped erstwhile accounting for their two-year wage freeze.

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