For $1500, does the iPhone 15 do enough?

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During its large iPhone 15 uncover lawsuit past week, Apple made a constituent of saying that its iPhones had grown successful worth and capableness implicit the past year, but hadn’t raised astatine each successful price. But that’s truly lone existent successful the US.

In Australia and successful galore different markets, the iPhone 15 is much costly than the iPhone 14 was, presumably due to the fact that of currency fluctuations. This makes them the iPhones with the highest dollar fig we’ve ever seen, starting astatine $1500 for the slightest costly exemplary and going each the mode to $2900. And portion it’s ever a tricky concern to comparison iPhones to different smartphones successful the market, you whitethorn understandably wonderment if the caller devices connection capable to warrant what is successful immoderate cases doubly the terms of competitors.

The terms  of the basal  exemplary  iPhone successful  Australia continues to creep up   steadily.

The terms of the basal exemplary iPhone successful Australia continues to creep up steadily.Credit: Tim Biggs

What the iPhone is inactive missing

It’s nary concealed that Apple is simply a dilatory adopter of definite technologies, though it would apt similar to see itself a perfecter. Things similar HD displays, OLED technology, secondary camera lenses, wireless charging and much came to Apple’s phones years aft they were archetypal seen connected Androids. Things are mostly the aforesaid today, arsenic we tin spot by archetypal taking a look astatine the modular iPhone 15 and the larger 15 Plus (which starts astatine $1650).

The astir easy noticed missing diagnostic for anyone who’s utilized a caller non-Apple telephone is the refresh rate. The caller iPhone 15 inactive uses the aforesaid 60Hz the devices person ever used, portion the iPhone Pro has joined galore competitors astatine 120Hz. This is simply a measurement of however galore times per 2nd the surface tin show a caller image, truthful higher numbers mean overmuch smoother question and interaction that feels much immediate. Motorola’s Edge 30 Pro goes for $1000 and has a 144Hz screen, portion Google’s Pixel 7a is $750 and has 90Hz.


Worse is the information that the modular iPhone inactive does not person an always-on show to amusement notifications, clip and different accusation erstwhile not successful progressive use, which practically each non-Apple telephone has had for astatine slightest 5 years, and it can’t transportation information astatine USB 3 speeds. Currently, these features are exclusive to the iPhone Pro.

For each the updates made to some the modular iPhone 15 and the Pro, some besides travel successful down the battalion erstwhile it comes to definite features astatine comparative terms points.

The maximum charging capableness of 30W is blimpish adjacent to different mainstream phones, including 45W connected Samsung’s flagships, and acold down immoderate Androids which enactment much than 100W. And notably, erstwhile it comes to optical zoom connected the cameras, the modular iPhone has nary to talk of, the $1850 Pro has 3x and the $2200 Pro Max has 5x. In Android land, Google’s $1300 Pixel 7 Pro besides has a 5x optical zoom, and Samsung’s $1950 Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 10x.

But connected the different hand

These comparisons are lone applicable if immoderate of those fixed specs, similar optical zoom oregon charging speed, are of the utmost value to you. For wide usability I deliberation iPhones inactive much than clasp their ain against astir competitors, mostly owing to the iOS operating system, adjacent though they’re inarguably much costly erstwhile compared to different brands with the aforesaid specs connected paper.

iPhones are besides designed and built much oregon little holistically wrong 1 institution that’s purely devoted to a singular ecosystem of products, for amended and for worse, which is what makes comparisons difficult. If you’re a dedicated Apple idiosyncratic a diagnostic similar Find My, oregon being capable to person your AirPods power connections betwixt your telephone and laptop automatically arsenic you usage them, mightiness trump a higher refresh rate. And Apple’s quality to tune its chips precise specifically for the bundle the devices volition beryllium moving means the A17 Pro that runs the iPhone 15 Pro is going to outperform different phones, adjacent if they person much cores oregon RAM connected paper.

The Pixel 7a costs fractional  the terms  of the iPhone 15.

The Pixel 7a costs fractional the terms of the iPhone 15.

We besides person to admit the world that galore radical see themselves to beryllium locked successful to utilizing an iPhone, oregon person ever utilized an iPhone, and lone see comparisons wrong Apple’s ecosystem. In which case, an always-on show mightiness not beryllium thing you adjacent want, and $1500 for the iPhone 15 mightiness not look truthful atrocious since it’s much oregon little the aforesaid telephone arsenic past year’s iPhone 14 Pro which outgo $1750, minus immoderate surface tech and an other camera.

The worth of the iPhone arsenic a halfway constituent of the Apple ecosystem can’t beryllium underestimated. It’s the lone prime if you privation to usage an Apple Watch for example, and it works amended with each different Apple products than a rival would.


But that’s not to accidental that Apple is simply charging a captive assemblage immoderate it wants;, it conscionable has antithetic priorities. The cameras connected iPhones are less and person little zoom than competitors, but the photos are beauteous and pb the battalion successful representation mode and definite challenging lighting environments. And the app show is phenomenal, due to the fact that developers cognize precisely what devices they’re targeting.

Lastly Apple’s slower adoption of caller technologies, combined with its phenomenal plan and agelong enactment for software, tends to mean the phones property don’t property arsenic rapidly. Those who don’t privation to wage apical dollar for the iPhone 15 whitethorn beryllium conscionable arsenic blessed with a exemplary from 4 years agone that costs fractional arsenic much, which isn’t thing I tin accidental for conscionable astir immoderate different telephone brand.

The writer travelled to California arsenic a impermanent of Apple.

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