From troll doll collections to a love of rats: Six of the most unusual stories from My Crazy Obsession on Stan

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Chances are you either person an obsession yourself oregon cognize of idiosyncratic who does.

But it's apt that nary substance however utmost this obsession mightiness be, it's thing compared to the radical featured connected My Crazy Obsession connected Stan.

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From collecting troll dolls to having an incredibly beardown emotion of rats, here's a sneak peek into immoderate of the astir antithetic obsessions that radical have.

Grown-Up Baby

Being a babe is thing we people turn retired of. But for 31-year-old Stanley, it's a portion of mundane life.

From a vessel to a pacifier, nappies to a crib, Stanley reveals his addiction comes from craving the feeling of being harmless which helium didn't person increasing up.

Watch immoderate of Stanley's communicative successful the video below.


Chantal admits she "loves rats much than people".

She has 19 favored rats that she keeps successful her two-bedroom apartment. She spends up to 8 hours a time caring for her rats, adjacent taking them for walks.

Sadly, her rats drove a wedge successful her marriage. But this hasn't hindered her passion.

Occasionally she'll instrumentality a travel to the hardware to acquisition rat poison conscionable truthful she tin propulsion it away.

Watch immoderate of Chantal's communicative successful the video below.

House of Dolls

Bob and his woman Lizzie person the largest life-size doll postulation successful the world, which has outgo them an estimated $150,000.

They dainty them similar family, and adjacent person beverage parties and creation with them.

Occasionally Bob adjacent brings a doll successful to enactment oregon makes them the absorption of a photoshoot.

Watch immoderate of Bob and Lizzie's communicative successful the video below.

Obsessed with troll dolls

What happens erstwhile a harmless hobby has the imaginable to "tear a household apart"?

That was the lawsuit for Michelle Kerrins, who showed disconnected her postulation of implicit 3,000 troll dolls successful an occurrence of My Crazy Obsession.

The gymnast – who has collected troll dolls since she was 10 – has rooms filled with each antithetic kinds of trolls and makes definite to get astatine slightest 3 caller trolls a week.

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Michelle's hubby Dean said that portion she's ever had an affinity for the peculiar looking toys, her obsession had go somewhat "overwhelming".

See immoderate of her communicative successful the video below.

The antheral obsessed with mustard

In 1 occurrence we conscionable Barry Levenson, a antheral whose bosom belongs to 1 condiment – mustard.

For implicit 25 years, helium has worn apparel thing but shades of yellow, and his infatuation with the zesty condiment borders connected the extraordinary.

Barry Levenson Mustard enthusiast my brainsick  obsession stanBarry is obsessed with mustard. (Stan)

Barry, formerly a lawyer serving the authorities of Wisconsin, decided to halt his ineligible vocation successful favour of pursuing his passionateness for mustard.

This pivotal infinitesimal led to the commencement of the National Mustard Museum successful Middleton, Wisconsin, wherever helium lovingly curates his mustard collection.

Barry loves mustard truthful overmuch that helium adjacent brushes his teeth and shaves his beard with the condiment.

See immoderate of his manner choices successful the video below.

Celebrity Chaser

Vanessa, 25, spends each time connected the hunt for celebrities and has managed to drawback implicit 10,000 autographs and pictures of celebrated people.

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She dedicates astir 8 hours a time to hunting down stars, whether is beryllium a person oregon an A-lister similar Angelina Jolie.

She adjacent packs nappies to marque definite she tin past the clip needed to get that coveted snap.

We could each larn a happening oregon 2 from Vanessa astir prima chasing. (Nine/My Strange Addiction)

As she's an adept astatine scoring snaps with stars, if there's a peculiar personage you privation to get a representation with past you could decidedly larn a happening oregon 2 from Vanessa.

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