‘Fundamentally broken’: Biodiversity offset scheme needs overhaul, government report finds

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‘Fundamentally broken’: Biodiversity offset strategy needs overhaul, authorities study finds

A strategy that allows developers to harm carnal situation successful 1 portion of NSW and wage to support elsewhere lacks transparency, a parliamentary committee has found, raising concerns it is failing to present meaningful biodiversity protection.

Under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme, developers tin offset the harm their operation mightiness origin to habitats successful 1 country of NSW by paying to sphere those successful another. However, the market-based scheme, introduced successful 2016, has been criticised arsenic being susceptible to corruption and manipulation.

A parliamentary committee   has recovered  the state’s biodiversity offset strategy  needs a large   redesign if it is to support   endangered and threatened species.

A parliamentary committee has recovered the state’s biodiversity offset strategy needs a large redesign if it is to support endangered and threatened species.Credit:Peter Rae

The strategy is triggered erstwhile a improvement meets an “impact threshold” determined by the government.

The report, tabled connected Thursday, made 19 recommendations, including that the Department of Planning and Environment reappraisal and redesign the scheme. It suggests strengthening however the scheme’s interaction is measured, assessing the cumulative effects of improvement and implementing strict thresholds for erstwhile offsets tin beryllium utilized to support endangered oregon threatened species.

The study besides recommended the authorities reconsider the request to wide land, and alternatively connection greater incentives for landholders to support biodiversity connected their properties.

It suggests the existent strategy enables developers to conscionable their offset obligations by making currency payments, with nary warrant that like-for-like offsets volition beryllium found.


“This benignant of flexibility undermines the plan integrity of the strategy and gears the strategy to facilitating improvement alternatively than protecting irreplaceable biodiversity values,” the study notes.

“Issues with the scheme’s operation, coupled with a deficiency of transparency, person led to a cognition of galore stakeholders that the strategy is profiting a fewer portion failing to present meaningful extortion for biodiversity.”

The committee, made up of members of the government, absorption and the crossbench, received much than 100 submissions connected the matter.

An probe by The Guardian found offsets for immense tracts of cardinal situation razed for the operation of the caller Sydney airdrome were delayed by years. In different examples, developers paid to support onshore that was already protected by different laws, regulations oregon schemes.

The seat of the inquiry, Greens MP Sue Higginson, said Thursday’s study highlighted however analyzable the strategy was.

She added determination was grounds showing stakeholders were unhappy with the scheme, including from developers oregon landholders trying to make a biodiversity tract and an ecologist trying to facilitate the occurrence of the scheme.

“No 1 came to america saying it was moving well,” she said. “It is apt that the strategy has enabled biodiversity nonaccomplishment [rather] than achieved its nonsubjective of nary nett loss.”

Nature Conservation Council main enforcement serviceman Jacqui Mumford said the study further highlighted the request for betterment and urged the authorities to follow each 19 recommendations.

“Once the strategy has undergone a thorough redesign, it indispensable lone ever beryllium utilized arsenic a past edifice for genuinely indispensable and unavoidable improvement projects,” she said.

Environmental Defenders Office caput of argumentation and instrumentality betterment Rachel Walmsley said the strategy did much harm than good.

“Our laws indispensable recognise that immoderate things are excessively precious and susceptible to ever beryllium offset. Since those laws came into force, onshore clearing rates person skyrocket and stay dangerously high. Plants and animals proceed to beryllium added to the database of threatened taxon each year.”

Opposition spokeswoman for the situation and committee subordinate Penny Sharpe said the authorities was relying connected a “fundamentally broken” strategy to hole the state’s biodiversity crisis.

Earlier this year, a report by the NSW auditor-general recovered the Department of Planning and Environment “has not efficaciously designed halfway elements of [the scheme], did not found a wide strategy to make the biodiversity recognition marketplace and did not find whether it worked to support biodiversity”.

NSW Environment Minister James Griffen welcomed the study and said helium would respond to the recommendations successful owed course.


He added that since helium took bureau past year, his section had been tasked with improving the strategy done greater integrity and transparency.

“I volition proceed to present improvements that support our situation and let economical opportunities to beryllium realised crossed NSW,” helium said.

Part of the caller changes included stronger compliance and assurance plans, clearer information postulation and access, arsenic good arsenic ecological monitoring requirements successful each biodiversity stewardship agreements.

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