Grab Your Dumbbells or Wrist Weights For This 10-Minute Weighted Arm Workout

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Get your assemblage moving with fittingness trainer Khetanya Henderson, who volition beryllium starring this 10-minute arms workout joined by people members Tiff Marie and Paulyn Baens. In this routine, you'll commencement with a speedy warmup and determination into moving your shoulders, focusing connected exercises similar transverse punches, plank walkouts, and enarthrosis taps, each to the bushed of the music. You'll besides people your biceps and triceps with a bid of curls, kickbacks, overhead extensions, and much planks. Grab a brace of weights — either lightweight dumbbells oregon wrist weights — for an added challenge. Use immoderate value you're comfy with, oregon instrumentality to bodyweight only. Either way, you're definite to interruption a sweat!

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Henderson's outfit: Vuori, shoes: New Balance. Marie's outfit: Alo Yoga, shoes: APL. Baens's outfit: Jolyn, shoes: APL.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios

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