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GWM has announced the summation of a sportier ‘S’ variant of its Haval Jolion tiny SUV, the recently revealed exemplary expected successful the state wrong “the coming days” and priced from $36,990 drive-away.

The latest summation to the Haval Jolion scope receives a show boost courtesy of a caller 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol motor that GWM claims delivers 130kW of powerfulness and 270Nm of torque, representing a 20kW and 50Nm summation implicit the remainder of the Jolion range.

Matching the displacement of engines utilized crossed the remainder of the existent Jolion range, the caller portion is paired exclusively to GWM’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and consumes a claimed 7.5 litre per 100km connected the ADR combined cycle, an betterment of 0.6L/100km implicit different non-hybrid Jolion variants.

Other enhancements to the Jolion S see a sportier suspension tune with a multilink rear-end fitted successful lieu of the torsion beam setup recovered connected different Jolion models.

Visually, the Jolion S features respective styling cues that are acquainted to the Jolion Vanta including achromatic alloy wheels, achromatic helping mirrors, achromatic broadside garnishing, and blackened little beforehand and rear bumper sections.

Additionally, and successful effect to lawsuit feedback, the Jolion S has present adopted hard buttons for the HVAC controls to marque it easier to set compartment somesthesia portion connected the move.

The remainder of the instrumentality levels and features are identical to those offered successful the highly specified Jolion Ultra connected which the Jolion S is based.

Safety and operator assistance technologies besides lucifer the Jolion Ultra, including autonomous exigency braking with pedestrian, cyclist and crossroads detection, lane support assist, lane departure warning, unsighted spot detection and lane alteration assist, guardant collision informing and postulation motion recognition.

The caller GWM Haval Jolion S is offered successful a prime of 5 exterior colours: Hamilton White, Golden Black, Mars Red, Azure Blue, Smoke Grey and the caller Tropical Green which is exclusive to the Jolion S.

Like each GWM products, the Jolion S is backed by a seven-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, five-year roadside assistance program and five-year capped-price servicing scheme.

Year-to-date income figures issued by the FCAI amusement GWM has sold 6158 examples of the Haval Jolion successful Australia, giving it a 6.2 conception stock and an eighth-place ranking.

The sub-$40K tiny SUV conception successful which the Haval Jolion competes is led by the MG ZS (with 16,359 portion income to the extremity of October 2022) up of the Mazda CX-30 (12,252), Mitsubishi ASX (10,939), Hyundai Kona (10,274), Kia Seltos (7803), Subaru XV (7251), Toyota C-HR (6686).

The conception apical 10 is rounded retired by the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (5294) and Honda HR-V (4139).

2023 GWM Haval Jolion pricing*:

Premium (a)



Lux (a)



Ultra (a)



Vanta (a)



S (a)


New variant

Ultra Hybrid (a)



*National drive-away price.

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