‘I’m not going to go easy on him’: The best buds headed for the AFL with a rocket

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‘I’m not going to spell casual connected him’: The champion buds headed for the AFL with a rocket

AFL draught prospects George Wardlaw and Elijah Tsatas person shared a batch together.

The youngsters person been roommates astatine each footy campy since they met astatine the state-level nether 12s. Their parents stock a adjacent bond, and they some had wounded struggles during their top-year campaign.

Now, they’re successful the spotlight unneurotic arsenic contenders to beryllium a apical 5 prime astatine this year’s AFL draft.

 Elijah Tsatas (L) and George Wardlaw (R) are the one-two punch astatine  this year’s draft.

Best buds: Elijah Tsatas (L) and George Wardlaw (R) are the one-two punch astatine this year’s draft. Credit:AFL Photos/Getty Images

Wardlaw, a 182-centimetre wrong midfielder, and Tsatas a 187-centimetre midfield wing, played for the Oakleigh Chargers successful the NAB League together, and for Vic Metro.

“Right from the get-go we got to cognize each other, and get on truly well,” Wardlaw said.


“[They’re] 2 large mates, some person got a batch of tremendous earthy endowment and potential,” AFL endowment scout Kevin Sheehan said. “George has got the oculus of the tiger ... [Tsatas] conscionable finds the footy. He steps done the postulation truthful brilliantly, he’s airy connected his feet.”

There’s a bully magnitude of steadfast contention betwixt the 2 teammates: “We’ve played against each different successful the past ... I’m not going to spell casual connected him,” Wardlaw said.

The signifier astatine playing against each different is apt to travel successful handy, with whispers that Essendon volition usage their 4th prime to nab Tsatas, and North Melbourne volition instrumentality Wardlaw, on with Vic Metro and Sandringham Dragon’s midfield/forward Harry Sheezel, astatine picks 2 and three.

Early successful the season, Wardlaw was a apical contender for the No.1 spot astatine the draft, which helium showcased astatine the opening circular of the NAB League against the Dragons, collecting 24 disposals, 8 tackles and a extremity successful an 18-point win. But aft a drawstring of hamstring injuries, helium made lone 3 appearances with the Chargers, and missed retired connected the elder Vic Metro team.

George Wardlaw successful  enactment   for Vic Metro.

George Wardlaw successful enactment for Vic Metro.Credit:Getty Images

“It’s been precise frustrating astatine times,” Wardlaw said. “It’s hard ... erstwhile the lone happening you tin bash is not play.”

Tsatas had a pugnacious run arsenic well, aft a ft fracture successful May which sidelined the 18-year-old for 3 months. But the midfielder returned for a thrilling Vic Metro crippled wherever helium showed his endowment arsenic a shot winner, finishing the lucifer with 29 disposals and 5 clearances - lone 2 possessions disconnected the Dragons’ Will Ashcroft.

The players recovered successful clip to beryllium among the 68 imaginable draftees to marque it to the nationalist combine, wherever they likened the interrogation process to sitting extracurricular the principal’s office.

“It’s benignant of intimidating. You had to beryllium connected a seat extracurricular the suites,” Wardlaw said.

“[The interviews] are precise affirmative ... the clubs, they cognize america boys are beauteous bully and beauteous comfy successful our style.”

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