Judge’s inquiry into Morrison due Friday as Frydenberg, Andrews condemn secret ministries

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Judge’s enquiry into Morrison owed Friday arsenic Frydenberg, Andrews condemn concealed ministries

Josh Frydenberg has condemned arsenic “extreme overreach” Scott Morrison’s concealed determination to instrumentality connected the erstwhile treasurer’s portfolio conscionable arsenic an autarkic enquiry prepares to present findings into the erstwhile premier minister’s ministry scandal.

In his archetypal nationalist comments connected the saga, revealed successful the forthcoming publication Bulldozed by writer and Herald columnist Niki Savva, Frydenberg said helium had been “loyal to a fault” to Morrison who, successful turn, betrayed his spot and had offered nary apology for his actions.

Former Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has condemned Scott Morrison’s determination  to instal  himself successful  his portfolio arsenic  “extreme overreach”.

Former Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has condemned Scott Morrison’s determination to instal himself successful his portfolio arsenic “extreme overreach”.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“I don’t deliberation determination was immoderate crushed for Scott to instrumentality connected the further Treasury portfolio,” Frydenberg told Savva for the book. “The information helium did instrumentality it, and it was not made transparent to maine and others, was incorrect and profoundly disappointing.

“It was utmost overreach.”

Former High Court justness Virginia Bell will manus the findings of her three-month probe into the substance to Albanese connected Friday. Her study is expected to see recommendations, including imaginable procedural oregon legislative changes, that would guarantee greater transparency and accountability astir ministerial appointments successful the future.

Morrison, who has antecedently defended his actions arsenic “prudent” successful the look of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, did not respond to questions astir whether helium had been interviewed by Bell.

Earlier this year, Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue concluded that Morrison had breached nary laws but “fundamentally undermined” the principles of liable authorities by keeping concealed his appointments.

Frydenberg mislaid his Melbourne spot of Kooyong astatine the May predetermination successful a wipeout of mean Liberal MPs wide attributed to Morrison’s unpopularity successful progressive inner-city electorates.

Savva approached Morrison doubly seeking an interrogation for the publication and was refused.

Frydenberg learned astir Morrison’s actions lone erstwhile Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed at a property league successful August that Morrison had taken connected the captious portfolios of treasury and location affairs successful May 2021 without informing the applicable ministers.

In total, Morrison had himself secretly appointed to administer 5 other ministerial departments implicit the people of 2020 and 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic – health, finance, treasury, location affairs and industry, science, vigor and resources – without telling parliament oregon astir of his colleagues.

Bulldozed by Niki Savva

Bulldozed by Niki Savva

The publication reveals that, according to Frydenberg, Morrison called him soon aft the revelations emerged and, alternatively than connection an apology, remained defiant that helium would marque the aforesaid determination if helium had his clip implicit again. In a 2nd speech days later, a much reflective Morrison said helium would not instrumentality Treasury if helium could retrace his steps, but again offered Frydenberg nary apology.

Former location affairs curate Karen Andrews, who present holds the portfolio successful opposition, told Savva that had ministers known of Morrison’s appointments, they would person demanded they beryllium revoked and if helium refused, a enactment situation whitethorn person been mounted.

“We went into the predetermination warring it retired for him and the Liberal Party. Josh Frydenberg pushed backmost connected challenging him. There was truthful overmuch loyalty fixed to Morrison, and helium has, successful hindsight, squandered each the goodwill that was there,” Andrews said successful Bulldozed.

Liberal frontbencher Stuart Robert, 1 of Morrison’s closest governmental confidants, was besides interviewed for the book. When asked by Savva if the brace were inactive friends, Robert said: “if you privation a person successful politics, get a dog.”

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