Legend reveals 'significant' footy-related diagnosis

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AFL fable Gary Ablett Sr has revealed a worrying diagnosis that helium claims is related to caput injuries suffered during his storied career.

Ablett, 61, is nicknamed "God" and is wide regarded arsenic 1 of the champion Australian shot players of each time, and is regularly successful speech arsenic the top ever.

But during a vocation which reaped 1031 goals, a Norm Smith Medal, 3 Coleman Medals, and 4 All-Australian jumpers, Ablett estimates helium was concussed "eight oregon 10 times".

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Now scans person revealed "significant structural and functional encephalon damage" successful the sporting legend.

"I began getting headaches and unit successful the apical of my skull astir 2010, initially a fewer days a week," Ablett told the Herald Sun.Herald Sun.

Geelong fable Gary Ablett Sr has revealed worrying encephalon injuries. (Getty)

"It past led to depression, anxiousness and utmost fatigue. Under the proposal of doctors, I past had galore scans to effort and find the origin of headaches and skull pressure.

"From 2015 onwards, and astir each day, determination were signs that things had changed, past astir 12 months agone I started getting symptoms that alarmed maine to the constituent wherever I contacted (my erstwhile manager) Peter (Jess), whom I'm alert has been a concussion advocator for a fig of past players."

It was Jess who helped organise a MEG scan astatine Swinburne Neuroimaging Facility successful November, the results of which were grim.

Ablett is present seeing a psychiatrist monthly and has been prescribed caller medicine which is "helping trim the headaches and improving my mood".

The AFL is presently facing 2 people enactment lawsuits from former players who assertion they person semipermanent wellness implications arsenic a effect of football-related concussions.

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