Man gasps as expert reveals astonishing value of a pistol he'd kept in his home for 40 years on Antiques Roadshow

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We each person likelihood and ends laying astir the house, but fewer that are worthy life-changing money.

That was the lawsuit for 1 Antiques Roadshow guest, who was near stunned aft being told a pistol helium bought for £150 (AU$287) was present worthy £150,000 (AU$287,000).

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In the Antiques Roadshow occurrence – which you tin ticker for escaped connected 9Now – the impermanent brought successful an aboriginal Colt revolver he'd bought "40 unusual years ago".

Expert Bill Harriman examined the antique firearm and revealed it was "the astir important firearm ever made successful the improvement and this past of firearms".

You tin ticker the afloat valuation successful the video above.

Bill explained the value of the antique, saying, "This was the archetypal firearm that utilized tiny percussion caps to nutrient a repeated effect and this pistol was made by Sam Colt successful Paterson, New Jersey, and his patent was 1836.

"Production started astir apt astir 1837 and looking astatine this, I deliberation this is aboriginal successful the series, I would accidental this was made successful the archetypal months of 1837.

"I've ever recovered this 1 of the astir iconic firearms ever made."

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Antiques Roadshow, 9NowUnbeknownst to the owner, helium was holding onto 1 of the "most iconic" firearms ever made. (Nine)

Then came the infinitesimal of information – Bill revealed conscionable however overmuch the antique firearm was worth.

"I thought agelong and hard what it whitethorn beryllium worthy and I person to accidental I haven't seen precise galore of these, I deliberation successful my vocation I've sold one," Bill concluded.

"To get it decently valued archetypal you request to found that it's the close one, and if, arsenic I deliberation it is, and I person nary crushed to uncertainty it's not a close one, if it is, past I deliberation it's got to beryllium £150,000."

The assemblage audibly gasped erstwhile the mammoth sum was revealed.

The proprietor seemed softly chuffed that he'd been holding onto a fortune.

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Antiques Roadshow, 9NowThe proprietor was delighted with the worth of his antique. (Nine)

When Bill asked what the proprietor mightiness bash with his point present that it had been valued, helium joked: "I americium unfastened to offers."

You tin ticker the afloat valuation successful the video above.

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