Million-dollar fines dumped after bankers raised ‘legitimate concerns’

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Million-dollar fines dumped aft bankers raised ‘legitimate concerns’

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A astonishment program to endanger concern executives with $1.1 cardinal fines has been pulled from parliament aft a ferocious effect from banks and ace funds, who told the authorities they should person been consulted connected the changes.

Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones has taken each fiscal services bills disconnected parliament’s docket for Friday, aft days of deal-making with the Greens to get the fiscal accountability authorities passed earlier the extremity of the year.

Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones has shelved fiscal  betterment   deals aft  a backlash from the banking sector.

Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones has shelved fiscal betterment deals aft a backlash from the banking sector. Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

The Greens were definite they had won authorities enactment for an amendment introducing fines of up to $1.1 million for banking, superannuation and security executives who failed to instrumentality tenable steps to forestall systemic misconduct.

After that woody was revealed by this masthead connected Thursday, respective slope main executives called Treasurer Jim Chalmers to explicit their astonishment and disappointment astatine the changes, which they had been told would not beryllium included.

The treasurer is owed to conscionable much than a twelve banking and superannuation heads connected Friday for a roundtable treatment connected housing.

The Financial Accountability Regime Bill was a large proposal from the banking royal committee and would person extended the banking enforcement accountability authorities to see ace funds and insurers.

The erstwhile authorities archetypal introduced the measure successful 2020 and included the civilian penalty, but that was removed aft backlash from the banking sector.

Jones said determination had been nary last statement connected the Greens’ amendments, and determination was intelligibly plentifulness of stakeholder interest astir civilian penalties.

“We’ve asked them what would instrumentality to get their enactment for that and different bills,” helium said. “There’d been nary sign-off connected anything.”

Jones said the authorities wants to speech to the manufacture astir their objections, peculiarly the smaller banks and ace trustees.


“All the Customer Owned Bank Association [members], the tiny mutuals, these are not high-paid slope executives,” helium said.

“There’s precise morganatic concerns that are being raised by these guys, truthful we privation to instrumentality immoderate clip to perceive and look astatine each of those.”

Jones said it did not mean determination would beryllium nary civilian penalties successful the future.

“We’ll person a look astatine [the Greens’] amendments, we’ll consult, get immoderate method proposal connected them,” helium said. “It’s astir improbable that this substance volition get resolved this year.”

Jones said the banks, insurers and ace funds each had concerns astir the planned amendments.

“Often things that dependable bully astatine archetypal blush, erstwhile you commencement looking done the details of the consequences of this, the archetypal blush worldly doesn’t stack up,” helium said.

Customer Owned Bank Association main enforcement Mike Lawrence said regulations request to beryllium proportionate. The relation does not enactment amendments to present civilian penalties to the Financial Accountability Regime.

“Individual civilian penalties would person a chilling interaction connected our quality to pull and clasp talent. We would beryllium competing with sectors not taxable to the authorities and larger institutions with deeper pockets amended capable to compensate leaders for the further risk,” helium said.

“If idiosyncratic penalties are introduced, this would disproportionately interaction smaller banks that person a beardown proven way grounds of treating their customers well.”

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