Millions of native fish wash up dead near Menindee in outback NSW

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By Stephanie Gardiner

March 17, 2023 — 2.55pm

Millions of autochthonal food person washed up dormant adjacent Menindee successful outback NSW, successful a bid of wide kills caused by floods and blistery weather.

Fish including bony herring, Murray cod and perch person died connected the little Darling-Baaka River, successful the state’s acold west, on with carp, the state’s Department of Primary Industries said.

Millions of food  person  died successful  a monolithic  food  termination  adjacent   Menindee successful  outback NSW.

Millions of food person died successful a monolithic food termination adjacent Menindee successful outback NSW. Credit:Graeme McCrabb

“This lawsuit is ongoing arsenic a heatwave crossed occidental NSW continues to enactment further accent connected a strategy that has experienced utmost conditions from wide-scale flooding,” the section said connected Friday.

The deaths were astir apt caused by debased oxygen levels arsenic floods recede, a concern made worse by food needing much oxygen due to the fact that of the warmer weather.

Bony herring were a boom-and-bust species, the section said, which thrive successful floods but are much susceptible to stresses erstwhile h2o flows instrumentality to normal.

“NSW DPI understands that food decease events are distressing to the section community, peculiarly connected the little Darling-Baaka.”

Nature lensman Geoff Looney recovered immense clusters of dormant food adjacent the main weir astatine Menindee connected Thursday evening.

“The stink was terrible. I astir had to enactment a disguise on,” helium said.

“I was disquieted astir my ain health. That h2o close successful the apical comes down to our pumping presumption for the town.


“People northbound of Menindee accidental there’s cod and perch floating down the stream everywhere.”

Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek said, “Devastated to spot the images coming retired of Menindee today. It’s tragic to spot wide decease of fish, known arsenic food kills, astatine this standard for the 2nd clip successful 4 years.

“I recognize the food kills person been caused by flooding combined with precocious temperatures which has created debased oxygen achromatic water.

“We request to amended recognize the causes of these kills to amended forestall them. That’s wherefore we are investing successful the best, updated science.


“It’s besides different crushed wherefore it’s truthful important to present the Murray-Darling Basin Plan successful full. Delivering the program volition assistance enactment and rebuild our precious autochthonal food populations.

“We cognize that clime alteration is exacerbating utmost weather. Delivering the Plan volition enactment our rivers done the worst of our floods and droughts.”

Mass kills person been reported connected the Darling-Baaka River successful caller weeks.

Tens of thousands of food were recovered astatine the aforesaid spot successful precocious February, portion determination person been respective reports of dormant food downstream towards Pooncarie, adjacent the borders of South Australia and Victoria, since February 20.


Enormous food kills occurred connected the stream astatine Menindee during terrible drought conditions successful precocious 2018 and aboriginal 2019, with locals estimating millions of deaths.

The department’s probe involving scientists and Murray-Darling Basin experts recovered those events were besides caused by a deficiency of dissolved oxygen, amid precise debased oregon non-existent h2o flows, precocious temperatures and blue-green algal blooms.

Looney said determination should beryllium an enquiry into h2o absorption and food deaths.

“It’s getting ridiculous,” helium said.

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