Minister likens Juukan Gorge blast to Taliban destruction

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Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has vowed to amended protections for Indigenous taste heritage, likening a mining institution blasting past stone shelters to the Taliban's demolition of elephantine Buddha carvings.

She said Australia's laws would beryllium updated to forestall specified demolition of Indigenous ineffable sites happening again.

Australia's Minister for Environment Tanya Plibersek tables the government's effect to the Joint Select Committee connected Northern Australia's study into the demolition of Juukan Gorge. (Mick Tsikas/AAP Image via AP) (AP)

"It is unthinkable that immoderate civilization would knowingly destruct Stonehenge oregon the Egyptian pyramids oregon the Lascaux caves successful France," Plibersek told Parliament.

"When the Bamyan Buddhas were destroyed successful Afghanistan, the satellite was rightly outraged. But that's precisely what occurred successful Juukan Gorge," she added.

Two 1500-year-old elephantine Buddhas carved into a cliffside successful the Bamyan Valley successful Afghanistan were destroyed by the Taliban successful 2001 due to the fact that the statues were considered to beryllium idols.

Plibersek committed her authorities to draught caller laws with the First Nations Heritage Protection Alliance, a radical of 30 Indigenous organisations, to amended support their taste heritage.

Labor besides responded to an interim and last study of a parliamentary enquiry into the Juukan Gorge destruction.

Photo of the Juukan Gorge, immoderate   60 kilometres north-west of Mount Tom Price successful  Western AustraliaJuukan Gorge, immoderate 60 kilometres north-west of Mount Tom Price successful Western Australia (PPKP)

The authorities accepted each but 1 of the reports' recommendations.

The study wants the Indigenous affairs curate to person eventual work for protecting taste heritage. The authorities would similar Plibersek took work and the contented would beryllium resolved successful discussions with the Indigenous alliance.

Jamie Lowe, main enforcement of the National Native Title Council, which represents Australia's accepted owners of the land, welcomed the government's promised changes, which helium said were agelong overdue.

"The catastrophe and the demolition and the enactment of unit to Juukan Gorge and the PKKP radical immoderate 2 years agone was thing that happens to our radical connected a regular ground and the request for broad nationalist betterment is thing that has been a precedence for our radical for decades now," Lowe told the ABC, referring to the Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people, the gorge's accepted owners.

Ancient comb carved with curse successful oldest known alphabet found

The PKKR Aboriginal Corporation said the accepted owners of the demolished caves had not been respected oregon adequately consulted by the government.

"We would person expected the curate would privation to conscionable with america earlier making a nationalist announcement astir our state and taste heritage," president Burchell Hayes said successful a statement.

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