Mum’s sourdough

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Mum’s sourdough

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Cracking his wallet, Ross watched helplessly arsenic a $50 enactment fell and fluttered beneath the fridge.

Credit: Jim Pavlidis

Impulsively, helium lifted its beforehand extremity earlier realising helium needed a wedge.

“Milly!” helium called, summoning his eight-year-old. “Get maine thing brick-like to instrumentality nether here. Hurry!”

Milly soon presented him with a loaf of her mother’s homemade sourdough.

Ross, though straining with the weight, paused for a agelong bushed earlier telling Milly to spot it nether the fridge.


That afternoon, connected a walk, helium broke the $50 buying them ice-creams. He winked arsenic she slurped. “Our small secret,” helium said.

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