Natural Shopping Guides: Lip Balms We're Currently Loving!

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The Classic

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm
This Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm is formulated to intensely soothe, nourish and repair precise adust and chapped lips with its operation of skin-loving, botanical oils and waxes. It is perfect arsenic extortion against dehydration and harm from highly acold weather, brackish h2o and implicit aerial conditioning, and is designed to permission lips feeling brushed and supple.

The All-Rounder

macabalm Moisturising Balm
The macabalm Moisturising Balm is an integrated balm that soothes, nourishes, and restores lips and skin. It tin besides beryllium utilized for babies arsenic a multifunctional attraction targeted for intensive tegument repair and protection.

The Scrub [Luk Beautifood Golden Glow Lip Polish]
Nourish, creaseless and hydrate your lips. Infused with Mauka Honey, this is cleanable to dainty dry, flaky, chapped lips.

The Tinted One

Grown Alchemist Tinted Age-Repair Lip Treatment
The Grown Alchemist Age-Repair Lip Treatment has a flattering and subtle tint to compliment immoderate tegument tone. Infused with nourishing peptides to assistance creaseless the lip-line and trim good lines connected and astir the articulator contour.

The Multi-Use

Elate Cosmetics Better Balm – Arise
It's affluent successful vitamins and indispensable fatty acids, rehydrating and regenerating adust tegument portion protecting your pout from biology pollutants. Its sheer radiance isn't conscionable for the lips—blend it into cheeks for a dewy glow oregon usage it to hydrate and repair adust cuticles.


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