New Mazda 2 may be 12 months away with rotary-engined hybrid tech – report

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After astir a decennary connected sale, the existent Mazda 2 volition reportedly beryllium replaced by a caller exemplary adjacent twelvemonth – which could connection unconventional rotary-engined, range-extender hybrid technology.

Jordan Mulach
New Mazda 2 whitethorn  beryllium  12 months distant  with rotary-engined hybrid tech – report

The adjacent procreation of the Mazda 2 metropolis car whitethorn yet beryllium connected way for motorboat precocious adjacent twelvemonth – aft aggregate mendacious starts – according to a caller reports retired of Japan.

Reports retired of Japan successful caller years person claimed a caller Mazda 2 was owed successful 2021 oregon 2023, nevertheless they did not eventuate – and the existent exemplary introduced successful 2014 has soldiered connected with mild updates, including a facelift earlier this year.

However respected Japanese work Best Car has this week reported the Mazda 2 volition beryllium renewed for a 4th procreation adjacent twelvemonth – a decennary aft the existent exemplary went connected merchantability globally.

The mag says its way of accusation from Mazda insider sources had gone acold – until now, claiming a planetary unveiling is planned for precocious 2024 oregon aboriginal 2025.

According to Best Car, the adjacent Mazda 2 is planned to beryllium connected caller underpinnings, and connection a 1.8-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder, oregon caller 1.5-litre three-cylinder mild-hybrid 'SkyActiv-X' motor derived from the 2.0-litre SkyActiv-X four-cylinder successful the Mazda 3.

The work besides claims Mazda whitethorn besides present the plug-in hybrid exertion from the MX-30 e-SkyActiv R-EV metropolis SUV – which uses an 830cc rotary motor to complaint a artillery battalion that powers an electrical centrifugal driving the beforehand wheels.

Best Car’s Mazda root says the caller Mazda 2 “adopts a cute, rounded design” that is softer than the existent model.

More accusation astir the new-generation Mazda 2 is expected to beryllium revealed person to the model’s reported motorboat successful precocious 2024.

Jordan Mulach

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