Nick Jonas Says "Traumatic" Live TV Performance Sent Him to Therapy

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  Recording artist/actor Nick Jonas (L) and signaling  creator  Kelsea Ballerini execute  during the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards astatine  MGM Grand Garden Arena connected  April 3, 2016 successful  Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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Nick Jonas candidly recounted 1 of his astir "traumatic" onstage moments during an interrogation connected Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast. On May 22, the "Jealous" vocalist joined his brothers, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, to sermon their Disney Channel era, the band's 2013 breakup, and their solo careers. During a treatment astir his astir upsetting past performances, Jonas besides elaborate an unforgettable incidental astatine the 2016 ACM Awards that caused him to be therapy.

"It was a truly traumatic infinitesimal that shaped the unit I enactment connected myself to ever beryllium on."

Jonas was performing a duet of "Peter Pan" alongside Kelsea Ballerini erstwhile helium experienced a "tragic guitar solo debacle" connected unrecorded TV, contempt feeling highly prepared. "I'd rehearsed it a cardinal times, feeling truly assured astir it, not adjacent truly reasoning astir it similar it's a happening that's going to beryllium problematic," Jonas tells Shepard. "I started disconnected — it's good — and arsenic I benignant of walked towards [Kelsea], I conscionable wholly blank and I deed a incorrect enactment and similar blacked out, basically."

Following the incident, Jonas says helium sought the assistance of a therapist to process what had happened. "To this day, aft hours of unpacking it, I can't truly fig retired precisely what happened," helium says of the moment, adding that it had a lasting interaction connected his career. "I was similar rushed into a car and close into a level aft and I looked astatine my manager and I was like, 'I deliberation that was bad,'" helium says. "I was successful shock. It was a truly traumatic infinitesimal that shaped the unit I enactment connected myself to ever beryllium on."

As a lifelong performer, Jonas adds that the ACMs show was not his archetypal onstage mishap. When helium was a child, Jonas starred arsenic Tiny Tim successful a 2000 accumulation of "A Christmas Carol," his archetypal Broadway show. "I forgot the lyrics and it was traumatizing," helium says. "I cognize it didn't substance arsenic overmuch arsenic it felt similar it did — and that's ever the case."

Jonas says different upsetting "core memory" occurred erstwhile helium was a teen performing astatine a tribute amusement for the precocious Cole Porter. "I get up determination and I had prepped ace hard for my performance," helium says. "I'm singing 'Let's Misbehave,' a classic. I cognize each word. I've got 3 songs here. So I get up connected signifier successful beforehand of Cole Porter's household property and I conscionable blank, wholly blank, and I virtually commencement scatting."

Jonas near the signifier feeling stumped implicit the incident. "I spent weeks reasoning astir however I could person amended handled the concern and looked much similar a pro, but I was 17 oregon 18," helium says. "I was horrible. I flew close to Austin, TX to bash thing for [SXSW] the adjacent time and I was conscionable truthful successful my caput that it was going to travel up and they were going to inquire me. Nobody cared."

These moments, however, led to growth, and Jonas says clip and therapy person allowed him to find wit successful his past upsets, including the Kelsea Ballerini duet. "In retrospect, I tin benignant of laughter astir however large I thought it was, but it did question much than I privation it would person and it did origin maine to spell into therapy," helium says.

Listen to the afloat "Armchair Expert" occurrence up to perceive much astir Jonas's solo vocation and however a "functionally toxic" dynamic caused the Jonas Brothers to divided for 5 years.

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