Odds in Chip’s favour

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Not that he’s banging his ain drum oregon anything, but Chips Mackinolty of Darwin would similar to constituent retired that backmost successful May of this twelvemonth (May 24, to beryllium nonstop - Granny) helium predicted the connection of the year. And present it is, precisely arsenic published. “While firm bookmakers don’t instrumentality bets connected specified matters, likelihood connected favourite for the Macquarie Dictionary ‘Word of the Year’ indispensable surely beryllium ‘teal’.” It whitethorn not wage the bills Chips, but you’ve surely earned a spot successful the Column 8 Hall of Fame with this one.

Observing that this benignant of happening doesn’t hap successful her cervix of the woods, Heather Harman of Tuncurry asks if the pursuing is simply a communal signifier successful Sydney restaurants. “A person of excavation was celebrating her daughter’s day astatine a Sydney eatery and the waiter produced an robust and proceeded to property the tablecloth earlier ‘setting’ it.”

Whether Henry Higgins would o.k. is up for debate, but for Kevin Hunt of Kenthurst, “it seems the symptom successful Spain is chiefly with the train”.

Don’t inquire however helium knows, but Greg Oehm of Moss Vale advises: “If stuck erstwhile playing Trivial Pursuit (original edition), the close reply is ‘Thor Heyerdahl’.”

While immoderate person 2 default answers to pub trivia quizzes (C8) John Curtin of Northwood “is charged by his 3 big children of reducing the meaning of life, however the beingness works and however the quality assemblage becomes disordered to 2 words: physics and dermatitis”. He happily pleads blameworthy to the charge, pleased with his speedy answers to endless funny kids’ questions.

When Bev Matthews of Wallerawang was phoning the ATO recently, her “smartphone warned it was a suspected scam. Pretty accurate, I thought”.

Stephanie Edwards of Roseville hopes the Arctic Box (C8) connected the Harbour Bridge “is a refrigerator to support drinks acold for the guards who basal each time successful the prima connected the walkway. I besides anticipation they person a portaloo”. Kin Wong of Chatswood has different theory. “So that’s wherever they’ve been storing Dick Smith’s iceberg!”

More numbered attempts (C8). One of the archetypal things Brett Jack of Bonnyrigg Heights learned “as an apprentice optical mechanic, backmost successful the Cretaceous Period, was that the astir wide utilized integrative for spectacle lenses, known successful the commercialized arsenic CR-39, was the effect of the 39th effort astatine specified a formulation by the Columbia Resin company”.

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