One man with a big vision transforms a water tank into a luxury home on Derelict Rescue

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Meet Rob Hunt.

One man, with 1 epic imagination – to crook an abandoned 1940s h2o vessel connected the Devon seashore into a luxury four-bedroom location earlier his clip and wealth runs out.  

An icon of concern Britain, this factual h2o operation is bold, brutal and imposing. And it volition instrumentality a peculiar idiosyncratic with an unwavering imaginativeness to person it. 

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So, is Rob the antheral for the job?

In a caller occurrence of Derelict Rescue – which you tin ticker for escaped connected 9Now – we soon find out. 

Derelict Rescue, 9NowRob Hunt renovates an abandoned h2o vessel connected Derelict Rescue connected 9Now. (9Now)

Rob's parents, Jim and Sally, were sceptical from the beginning. 

"To us, it looks… um awful, to me, really," says Sally.

"I deliberation he's taken connected a large job. He has a vision, and hopefully the result volition beryllium truly good," adds Jim.  

Derelict Rescue, 9NowIt's an ambitious move. (9Now)

We conscionable Rob successful May 2020, 6 months into his breathtaking renovation. He's fixed himself a hugely ambitious 18-month schedule, and a fund of £400,000 (AUD$770,000).

It's ambitious connected truthful galore levels, and Rob, a mill worker, has ne'er tackled thing similar this before. It's a full caller level of DIY to his smaller standard location renovations. 

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"You don't spot galore h2o towers travel up for sale. It's a erstwhile successful a beingness opportunity," helium says. "Never done a h2o tower, and whitethorn ne'er bash 1 again!"

Rob is investing astir everything helium has, selling his location and quitting his occupation – he's each in. But volition this monolithic gamble wage off? 

You tin spot however it each went down successful the video above. 

Derelict Rescue, 9NowRob faced a fewer problems during the renovation. (9Now)

This was ne'er going to beryllium an casual ngo for 1 antheral set Rob, but determination were much than a fewer setbacks. 

Curved walls = curveballs. 

First, the alloy beams didn't look to beryllium fitting rather right, truthful Rob had to deliberation accelerated and alteration the plan of his curved staircase to accommodate the caller presumption of the beams. 

You tin spot however that played retired successful the clip below.

Then, parent quality tried to bash her worst and rip each of the recently appointed waterproof insulation from the extracurricular of the building. If the wrapper rips, it could spell catastrophe for the full project…

But contempt each this, and successful spite of his unit of critics, Rob persevered. He had a imaginativeness nary 1 other could see, and helium was determined to spot it done – adjacent down to selling his past asset, an concern apartment, to inject much much-needed funds into the build. 

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"Behind schedule, implicit budget. Classic," helium says astatine the 22 period mark, staring down the tube of different harsh winter. 

In the end, it took Rob a full of 2 years and 7 months to spot his imagination go a reality. 

Derelict Rescue, 9NowThings yet started taking signifier for Rob and his h2o tank. (9Now)

"You soon hide the troubles and trials & tribulations you've been done for the past 2 years… present you tin reap the rewards," says a precise relieved Rob.

And his parents? They were acold from delighted astatine the start, but what did they deliberation of Rob's transformed h2o vessel successful the end? 

"Absolutely wholly amazing, fantastic job," says mum Sammy. 

And his begetter Jim? "We person been down him each the way… isolated from the precise opening erstwhile we told him not to bargain it!" 

Catch a glimpse of Rob's finished plan successful the video below.

Find retired the last magnitude Rob ended up spending connected his spectacular h2o operation location and spot the full unthinkable last design, successful Derelict Rescue, Season 1, Episode 5.

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