Owner of the world's oldest dog has this advice for pet lovers: 'You've got to be there for the long haul'

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Two decades ago, Alex Wolf, 40, and his 2 assemblage roommates walked into a favored structure with the volition of walking retired with a large canine to articulation their group.

Little did helium cognize helium would beryllium walking retired with a favored that would stay with him implicit fractional his beingness aboriginal and beryllium named the "oldest canine living" by Guinness World Records.

"He's been determination each measurement of the way," the US antheral tells TODAY.com. "I'm truthful gladsome we got him. He's the best."

The grounds present held by 22-year-old pooch Gino preceded a grounds antecedently held by Pebbles, a 22-year-old artifact fox terrier from South Carolina who died of earthy causes connected Monday, October 3, according to a connection released by her owners connected Instagram.

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Gino named the "oldest canine living" by Guinness World Records. (Guinness World Records/Alex Wolf)

Born September 24, 2000, Gino was a two-year-old structure canine named Pee Wee astatine the Humane Society of Boulder Valley erstwhile Wolf was a sophomore astatine the University of Colorado Boulder successful 2002.

Upon adoption, the trio renamed him Gino and brought him home, wherever the autarkic canine acceptable close successful with the household of skateboarders and snowboarders. Racing astir successful the snowfall successful the backyard and hanging retired nether the java tables became a favourite pastime for Gino, arsenic helium liked to beryllium successful the mediate of the enactment whenever guests stopped by.

"If we were having a aboriginal night, helium would enactment up, and if I was sleeping in, helium would slumber in," Wolf said. "He was 1 of the guys."

Wolf told Today that during summertime holidays, helium brought his canine location to Southern California to unrecorded with his parents portion helium finished his studies, due to the fact that it seemed similar "the much liable happening to bash astatine that point." There, Gino learned to emotion sunbathing extracurricular and surviving similar a celebrity.

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The world's longest surviving  dogs

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"When helium was younger, helium utilized to emotion exploring my parents' immense backyard with our different dogs successful Manhattan Beach, going connected walks disconnected the leash successful Venice, going connected drives on the seashore blasting euphony with his caput retired the window, oregon moving astir connected the play people successful La Quinta," Wolf said.

Gino saw Wolf done large beingness transitions, similar graduation, moving into an apartment, becoming a realtor, buying a house, and - conscionable earlier the pandemic - gathering his girlfriend, Rebecca Grenell, who loves Gino.

"He ever loved being successful the large canine parkland alternatively of the tiny canine park. Big dogs would travel him astir similar helium was their fearless leader, and that made Gino proud," helium said.

"He ever had 'B.D.E.' - large canine energy."

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Since his eyesight has deteriorated, activities similar naps by the fire, snacking connected salmon treats, and rides astir the vicinity successful a wagon present seizure Gino's attention. In fact, Wolf celebrated Gino's Guinness World Record with an extra-long wagon ride.

Wolf credits Gino's longevity to a steadfast fare with human-grade food, veterinary attraction and ongoing enactment from household and friends - but mainly, Gino himself.

"I springiness him each the credit," helium said. "He's gotten a batch of love, and I deliberation he's conscionable a beardown dog."

Wolf hopes to usage Gino's presumption arsenic the "oldest canine living" arsenic a level to rise wealth and consciousness for favored adoption and carnal activism, and helium has already reached retired to section nonprofits to research options.

"That would beryllium a precise bully and fitting bequest for him to permission the satellite with," helium said.

He's besides hoping the joyousness his canine has brought him implicit 2 decades inspires others to stock his unwavering condemnation that pets are for life. His proposal to anyone considering bringing a favored location is to afloat perpetrate to their attraction for their full lifetime.

"You've got to beryllium determination for the agelong haul, nary substance however agelong it is," helium said. "That's the work you instrumentality connected — and it's 1000% worthy it."

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