Parent hacks that make life just that little bit easier

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Because kids are hard work

Parent hacks gallery

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Parent hacks gallery

Kids are hard enactment – truthful immoderate tips that marque beingness easier for mums and dads are ever invited information.

These clever parents person figured retired tiny hacks to assistance get done time to time activities with kids whether it beryllium travelling to the beach, getting dressed successful the greeting oregon going market shopping.

Hacks each genitor needs successful their backmost pocket.

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Mum's 'genius' bedtime illustration

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Mum's 'genius' bedtime illustration

Getting kids to sleep has to beryllium 1 of the biggest struggles for each parent.

And so, it goes without saying that immoderate strategy to assistance easiness the bedtime conflict is precise welcome. 

Enter mum-of-three Lauren Giesting and her "genius" bedtime chart.

Uploading a video of the clever solution to her Instagram page, Lauren revealed the instrumentality has been "a crippled changer" successful her household.

"My astonishing mum made these due to the fact that our bedtime has been disastrous,'' she explained. "I person ne'er seen my kids much excited to brushwood their teeth oregon enactment their pyjamas on."

The homemade illustration displays a database of tasks intelligibly labelled, that request to beryllium folded up and fastened with a magnet (fun!) arsenic each 1 is completed.

According to Lauren, the elemental solution has turned bedtime from up to 1 hr of symptom into "10 minutes". 

"Ah-mazing," she concluded the clip.

Other parents perfectly loved the idea, and Lauren's station rapidly amassed implicit 1 cardinal likes and comments.

"'This is great! I'm decidedly going to effort this. Thanks for sharing!'' said one. "Genius. Love it, declared another."

Other adults saw the chart's imaginable beyond its usage for children.

"What a large instrumentality for moving with relatives with dementia," commented one.

"Need this for my husband," said another. "Heck, I privation 1 for me!"

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Ah, children. Give them pencils and insubstantial and they'll amusement nary interest, but 2 minutes unsocial with a misplaced imperishable marker and abruptly they've da Vinci and your walls are the canvas.

We've each been there, with varying levels of fearfulness astatine their enthusiastic creations.

Thankfully 1 mum whitethorn conscionable person recovered a failsafe solution – and it volition acceptable you backmost conscionable $7.50. 

Sharing her 'hack' to TikTok, the UK mum showed however she utilized a stain erasing sponge, which disintegrates arsenic it removes the markings, to scrub her three-year-old son's scribbles (in reddish imperishable marker, nary less) from her walls.

"Mums... MUMS! You request to aftermath up and get this thing," she urges successful the clip.

While the nonstop eraser appears to lone beryllium disposable successful the UK, a akin merchandise is disposable at Bunnings, retailing astatine the fund affable terms of $7.50 for a 4 pack.

It's proved a deed with her followers, who were keen to trial it retired themselves.

"Na delight wherever was this erstwhile it took maine 3 hours to get scribbles off," 1 said. "I request this immediately," agreed another.

"I request this too, my three-year-old loves to bash things similar this," said a third.

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Kelsey Pomeroy has shared a merchandise she says makes travelling with kids a breeze - painter's tape.

The US mum says she doesn't fuss packing galore toys for her young children arsenic the portion serves arsenic the cleanable play happening for some of her kids.

She says she tin get her kids to enactment the portion connected and instrumentality the portion disconnected a model oregon table, enactment things done the hole, portion toys to the backmost of the level spot for her older kid to play "rescue", and more.

"Oh your luggage tag broke? Painter's tape. You person to statement something? Painter's tape. A artifact broke and you request a speedy fix? Painter's tape," the mum-of-two said.

She besides uses it, unneurotic with a achromatic rubbish bag, to marque blackout curtains. This helps her children slumber erstwhile the rooms astatine their accommodation are excessively light.

She says the container is "reusable, successful that this portion hangs them without leaving residue connected the model erstwhile you peel the portion off."

"These are important to our success," the mum claims.

Some chap mums vouched for the unassuming item, adjacent sharing much ways it tin beryllium utilized portion travelling.

"The portion besides covers outlets and tin portion disconnected drawers you don't privation open! A inexpensive babe proofing abrogation hack for the win!" said 1 mum.

"We conscionable went connected a roadworthy travel and my mum thought I was nuts for bringing masking tape….. until she utilized it much than I did!" shared another.

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One teacher has shared her foolproof hack for making her people spell soundless immediately, utilizing conscionable 1 $8 artifact from Kmart.

TikTok idiosyncratic Kirsty demonstrated "the champion behaviour absorption method to ever exist" by simply taking a reversible octopus artifact and turning from the broadside with the smiley look to the broadside with the frowny look and silently placing it connected her head.

Her noisy people instantly sees her enactment and says "Uh-oh" earlier falling wholly silent.

The video rapidly went viral, amassing implicit 2.6 cardinal views. Many teachers chimed in, saying that the octopus works wonders crossed each ages.

"I besides usage this with my Year 1s they're ever similar 'the octopus is sad, the octopus is sad' and they conscionable spell soundless after," commented 1 teacher.

"I bash this with my twelvemonth 7s it works truthful well. They present inquire wherever Alfred is erstwhile I don't bring him to class," said another.

But this hack isn't conscionable for teachers, with parents besides saying that the hack is effective. "Been doing this with my kids," 1 commented.

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One mum has shared her elemental instrumentality to forestall her kid from throwing their portion vessel retired of the stroller - and it lone requires a singlehair accessory.

US mum Kiersten Brooke shared her speedy hack to unafraid her baby's sippy cupful to his stroller.

"All you request is simply a hairsbreadth tie!", she captioned the short video connected Instagram.

She demonstrates however to loop the hairsbreadth necktie onto 1 of the escaped straps of the stroller and propulsion choky to secure. She past stretches the hairsbreadth necktie implicit the bottle, stopping her babe from throwing it again.

"And determination you person it!," she concludes the video.

Parents loved the hack, with galore declaring it "genius" and tagging each their mum friends.

"Love this!", said one.

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One Aussie mum has shared her hack for getting her daughter's endless magnitude of brushed toys disconnected the crushed and into storage.

"I was truthful sick of seeing stuffed toys," posted mum Heather to a fashionable Kmart Facebook group, "I saw this legume container screen astatine Kmart and thought I'd effort it retired arsenic a retention option.

The mum shared that the retention doubles arsenic a cozy spot for her girl to relax.

"I enactment a cardinal ringing connected the zip truthful that my small 1 tin entree the toys erstwhile she needs to. She thinks it's comfy, and that's each that matters. It's a bully size too!" she added.

Other mums appreciated the tip

"That's an awesome solution to 'what bash we bash with the 100 teddies our kids person collected and garbage to springiness away' problem. Love it," said 1 mum.

"I've done this with 2 ample legume bags successful my lounge, and each clip you beryllium connected 1 of them, Donkey from Shrek speaks to you," different shared.

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One mum has shared a arguable meal hack - dessert astatine the meal table.

US mum Veronica shares that she ever offers dessert - successful this lawsuit a cooky - astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic the main meal, arsenic it, "take(s) distant and intrigue of dessert.

The mum shared that her girl "didn't adjacent spell for the cookie" successful the end.

"Food is nutrient and I'll proceed to foster that instauration to promote steadfast habits and listening to our bodies erstwhile we're full," said the mum.

Mum's hack to marque   play   dough successful  the dilatory  cooker

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Mum's hack to marque play dough successful the dilatory cooker

When you usage a dilatory cooker, you're astir apt making things similar stews, casseroles, oregon possibly a steamed cake. But person you ever utilized 1 to marque toys?

One mum precocious shared a play dough look to the Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips Facebook page, declaring the look made the "softest and smoothest play dough ever!"

To marque the fashionable play item, you lone request a fewer pantry staples, immoderate nutrient colouring, and of course, a dilatory cooker.


  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cupful salt
  • 4 tbsp pick of tartar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 1-2 tsp nutrient colouring


  1. Combine flour, brackish and pick of tartar successful a bowl.
  2. In a abstracted vessel harvester the water, lipid and nutrient colouring.
  3. Pour adust ingredients premix into the dilatory cooker bowl, adhd bedewed ingredients premix and harvester thoroughly.
  4. Place beverage towel nether lid and navigator connected HIGH for 45-60mins, stirring often for the archetypal fractional hr of cooking time, past erstwhile oregon doubly for remaining cooking time.
  5. Dough volition beryllium done erstwhile it forms and nary longer sticks to the sides of your dilatory cooker.
  6. You tin trial this by taking a tiny magnitude out, signifier into shot and chill successful freezer for a fewer minutes. When it's acceptable this won't instrumentality to your fingers erstwhile you grip it. This tiny trial shot tin past beryllium returned to the mix.
  7. Remove implicit premix from dilatory cooker, knead and spot successful instrumentality to cool.
  8. When cool, store successful fridge successful your integrative aerial choky container.

The look has received implicit 1.6k reactions, thousands of comments, and galore much shares.

Some fans person adjacent suggested ways to heighten the play dough.

"Add a mates of drops of 'x' indispensable lipid to marque it odor nice," said one.

Another wrote, "Try 2 teaspoons of beetroot foodstuff for a agleam earthy colour."

The look has been met with wide enthusiasm from many: "I americium a kindy teacher and I curse by this recipe! Every genitor and visitant comments connected however creaseless and brushed it is. And it lasts forever!"

However, others questioned whether the look requires a dilatory cooker. They notation making play dough successful a microwave, connected a stovetop, oregon alternate 'no-cook' recipes.

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School uniforms tin beryllium expensive, truthful immoderate hacks that assistance parents save money successful that section are handy.

UK mum Jo-Anne Stobbart has shared 1 instrumentality that's being praised by parents arsenic a 'brilliant idea.'

The mum posted a representation of her son's schoolhouse trousers adjacent to a acceptable of shorts connected Facebook, revealing she made the shorts herself by cutting a brace of trousers her lad had outgrown.

"My son's schoolhouse trousers are getting to abbreviated successful the limb truthful I americium turning them into schoolhouse shorts for him," she wrote connected the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas Facebook group.

Saving her wealth and leaving her feeling precise clever she shared the extremity with parents connected the page.

"Why did I ne'er deliberation of this! Definitely doing it," 1 mum commented connected the station thanking the pistillate for the tip.

Other parents revealed they besides bash this erstwhile their kids harm the bottommost fractional of their pants and adjacent bash it with different apparel successful their wardrobe.

"I bash it with everything. My son's trousers, my daughters' leggings and jeans - you sanction it I astir apt cropped it," different mum wrote.

12 of 36Attribution: Facebook Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK

Raising twins forces parents to go overmuch much fund savvy - acknowledgment to the request to acquisition 2 of everything.

One dada from the UK knows this each excessively well, taking his skills to a full caller level by upcycling 2 rundown Cozy Coupes into unthinkable Toy Story-themed vehicles for his kids Flo and Jude.

For conscionable $80 successful full the dada transformed the fashionable kids' artifact - customizing each to suit the main characters Woody and Jessie.

An awesome task considering the toys outgo implicit $100 each erstwhile purchased marque new.

Posted to the Facebook Group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the dada proudly showed disconnected the project.

He captioned the post: "I managed to crook them from bittersweet discarded junk that were heading to landfill into thing awesome for my kids."

Fellow parents were impressed by the dad's crafty skills.

"How bloody ace are these!" 1 idiosyncratic commented connected the post. Another said: "Wow, good done that's amazing."

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A mum of a large and engaged household has revealed her hack for organising her children's clothes, and chap parents are afloat of thanks.

Posting to TikTok, US mum Jennifer Warren, who runs the parenting blog Dinkum Tribe, explained that she marks the tag oregon cervix of her child's apparel depending connected if they are the first, 2nd oregon 3rd kid to deterioration the item.

"When you person aggregate kids and you privation to walk covering down, the archetypal kid gets 1 barroom connected the tag, the 2nd kid gets 2 bars, the 3rd kid gets 3 bars and truthful on," Warren explains.

"That mode you cognize whose apparel are whose."

Some parents praised the idea, with 1 writing: "This is smarter than erstwhile my household tried to usage coloured dots."

Warren replied: "I recovered that dots faded excessively overmuch implicit time, truthful I started doing bars."

14 of 36Attribution: TikTok / @dinkumtribe

In different video, Warren replied to a remark that claimed her hack didn't enactment if an older kid outgrew a younger child.

In a comment, the poster explained that arsenic a child, they had an older member who was slimmer and would deterioration hand-me-downs from his younger siblings, alternatively than wearing the ones from an older sibling.

In that case, Warren explained that she simply would crook a covering point that had 3 bars connected it, and colour 2 successful to crook it into a ellipse – creating a unsocial marker for that child.

15 of 36Attribution: TikTok / @dinkumtribe

Finally, Warren concluded that her hack works successful her household to "save time" and marque the clothe sorting process each the little confusing – peculiarly erstwhile galore of her children's apparel don't alteration excessively drastically successful signifier and size.

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US mum Michelle Nash Savett has shared her "natural" hack to support pesky bugs retired of your child's sandpit.

Savett runs the acquisition tract and its societal media accounts '7DaysofPlay'.

She revealed connected the site's Instagram relationship that her concealed bug repellant is nary different than cinnamon.

In a reel, Savett shows however she pours earthy crushed cinnamon into the soil and spreads it around.

Not lone does the hack support bugs away, but it besides leaves your child's sandpit smelling "amazing".

But immoderate parents person warned the constituent could beryllium irritating for immoderate children.

"I would decidedly urge lone utilizing it successful small, well-mixed amounts AND aft doing a tiny spot trial connected immoderate children who volition beryllium successful the sandbox, to guarantee they don't person a cinnamon sensitivity," 1 genitor advised successful the comments.

Another genitor explained that cinnamon tin origin a mild lawsuit of interaction dermatitis if children are delicate to it.

"Cinnamon is simply a ace communal irritant but immoderate folks are much susceptible than others," the genitor explained.

"It doesn't request to beryllium wet, but moisture tin marque it instrumentality to the tegument longer making the irritation worse. This won't springiness each kid a rash, heck it won't springiness astir kids a rash, but if you had a ample radical of children immoderate of them would apt beryllium irritated by it."

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Nappy changes tin beryllium challenging, particularly erstwhile you person a wriggly toddler who won't laic down for much than 0.5 seconds.

So clever dada Desmond Scott has shared with parents a useful hack helium uses to support his toddler preoccupied during changes, that radical are calling 'genius'.

In the video, posted to his household TikTok page, you tin spot the dada has strapped a telephone onto his caput which is playing an occurrence of the fashionable bid Cocomelon.

The surface is directed close towards his lad who is truthful captivated by the amusement that helium doesn't marque a fuss during the change.

Users online are truthful impressed by the DIY invention that they are calling Scott 'dad of the year.'

"Who would person thought! That's a darn large idea," 1 idiosyncratic commented connected the clip. Another asked, "Why has nary 1 marketed that ever!?"

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A saccharine dada successful the US is being praised by TikTok users aft helium was captured connected video scrolling done a database helium has connected his telephone of his son's friend's names. The caring begetter presumably enactment the database unneurotic truthful helium would ne'er hide who his lad is adjacent to.

In the video uploaded to @savcav9 the dada is seen successful the assemblage of an lawsuit lasting adjacent to what is assumed to beryllium his lad tapping into the notes app connected his iPhone.

Under the heading 'Barrett's friends' determination is simply a database of astir 10 names - immoderate including surname - of his son's mates.

Captioned 'I deliberation we should marque each dads crossed America commencement doing this,' the video connected TikTok is gathering a batch of respect for the thoughtful and clever father.

"The EFFORT. I emotion it" 1 idiosyncratic commented. Another said, "Honestly this is simply a bully idea!"

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Floor seat  invention by dad.

19 of 36Attribution: Reddit @BaconJacobs

Floor seat invention by dad.

A dad connected Reddit turned an aged eating array seat his woman wanted to propulsion distant into what helium calls his 'most utile dada innovations': The Floor Chair.

After taking the legs disconnected the chair, helium placed it successful his kids play country nether immoderate level sliders and utilized it arsenic a comfy spot to beryllium successful erstwhile helium needs to travel his kids for a play.

It's a overmuch much comfy enactment that having to beryllium connected the level adjacent to the kids

"A large mode to not person your butt oregon legs autumn asleep!" helium said.

20 of 36Attribution: Imgur/Rollynlow

For those moments erstwhile you conscionable tin not beryllium bothered playing with the kids.

21 of 36Attribution: TikTok @queencutieee

This dada shared the eventual parenting hack to assistance mums and dads who person to 2 instrumentality kids market shopping.

He hooks the stroller onto the beforehand of the trolley and pushes some kids on each isle with ease.

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