Pink goes 'super incognito' as she takes kids to Disneyland

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It's a bird… It's a plane… No, it's superstar Pink successful a 'super incognito' disguise. 

The Trustfall singer, 43, wore a amusive disguise to alert nether the radar portion enjoying a family travel to Disneyland successful Pennsylvania.

Pink posted a bid of photos from the day, including a video wherever the vocalist revealed the genius 'disguise' she and her 2 kids wore to blend successful with the crowds. 

Watch the video above.

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Pink and WillowPink went incognito for a household travel to Disneyland with immoderate assistance from Mario. (Instagram)
The singer's lad Jameson wore a Batman disguise for the household trip. (Instagram)

"We flew successful peculiar for the RV show, due to the fact that mama wants to locomotion up and down the aisles and look into different people's RVs," she began the abbreviated clip, seated successful the backseat of the car betwixt her lad Jameson and girl Willow. 

"And papa got america — what bash you telephone it? Disguises," she said, arsenic her hubby Carey Hart chimed successful from the front. 

The disguises successful question? Some peculiar themed masks Pink had brought on with them.

"Here Jamo, you privation to beryllium Batman, right?" the So What vocalist asked her son, six, earlier handing him a Batman disguise that covered his eyes. 

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"And are you Bluey?" she asked her girl Willow, 12, sitting connected her different broadside earlier handing implicit a disguise of the iconic Aussie cartoon dog. 

"I'm Batman!" Jameson could beryllium heard shouting excitedly, looking ever the superhero successful his disguise arsenic his sister enactment connected her ain amusive disguise.

"I consciousness similar this is truly going to marque america ace incognito," Pink said retired large aft pulling retired her ain themed mask. 

Her prime of quality for her incognito look was nary different than Mario. 

Pink posed with her disguise connected for a pic. (Instagram)

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Aside from the recognisable reddish 'M' chapeau attached to the apical of the glasses, the disguise came with a silly dangling moustache to implicit Pink's incognito look. 

"Is that good? Now you can't archer it's me, right? Here we travel RV show!" Pink said arsenic the fam made their jolly mode to Disneyland. 

Along with the adorable video, Pink shared a drawback posing wearing the disguise with portion successful hand. 

She besides shared immoderate pics with her kids from their Disneyland escapade time enjoying the rides astatine the happiest spot connected earth. 

"Hershey Park for the win," she captioned the post. 

"RVs for days- rollercoasters and arcades….. I haven't been successful these woods since I was four! Philly hometown I'm coming successful hot!"

PinkThe vocalist shared photos with her kids from the day. (Instagram)

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The parent of 2 has antecedently fixed glimpses into her parenting style, including the one regularisation her 12-year-old girl Willow has to follow.

Speaking to KTU 103.5 FM's Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Showthe vocalist opened up astir not allowing Willow to person a telephone owed to societal media.

"I told [Willow], constituent blank, 'If you tin nutrient lit from a reputable root that tells maine that societal media is bully for you, past you tin beryllium connected it. Otherwise, bully luck,'" she said.

The Glitter successful the Air vocalist has opened up astir not letting her kids person phones before.

During an interrogation with Carson Daly from Today successful 2022, Pink opened up astir her kids not being acceptable to person technology.

"There's a airy broadside and a shadiness broadside to exertion successful wide for adults, arsenic well," she said. "For kids, I'm not determination yet."

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