Probable source of listeria outbreak identified

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A shredded chickenhearted merchandise utilized by restaurants and hospitals is apt astatine the bosom of a nationwide outbreak of listeria, Queensland Health has warned.

State authorities identified M & J Chickens' easy-serve bosom fillet shredded chickenhearted arsenic the probable origin down aggregate outbreaks of listeria successful Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

So far, 9 cases person been identified.

Listeria bacteriaA chickenhearted merchandise is believed to beryllium the root of an interstate listeria outbreak. (BSIP / Universal Images Group / Getty Images)

The chickenhearted nutrient merchandise is sold successful commercialized quantities and is mostly utilized by restaurants, cafes, and hospitals.

Queensland's main wellness serviceman Dr John Gerrard said the strain of Listeria recovered successful the chickenhearted samples was the aforesaid arsenic the strain isolated from patients.

"This clump includes 4 cases that were astir apt acquired astatine the Mater Hospital, with the 5th lawsuit perchance acquired astatine Redcliffe Hospital," Gerrard said.

"An authoritative nutrient callback is apt to travel but for now, immoderate concern oregon idiosyncratic successful possession of the merchandise should halt utilizing it.

"Queensland nationalist hospitals are being instructed not to usage this product."

Gerrard said investigations into the different clusters were ongoing.

"The root of corruption successful the different 2 clusters are inactive nether investigation."

Gerrard said much cases could beryllium identified successful the coming weeks due to the fact that of the agelong and adaptable incubation period.

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Symptoms of listeriosis tin see fever, headache, musculus aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and cervix stiffness.

Symptoms whitethorn look wrong 24 hours of eating contaminated food, but it tin instrumentality up to 2 months for symptoms to develop.

If you are acrophobic that you whitethorn person listeriosis, delight spot your GP oregon telephone 13 13 43 25 84.

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