Red Bull Racing releases F1 simulators worth more than $170,000

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Formula One squad Red Bull Racing has capitalised connected its title-winning 2022 play by unveiling a brace of racing simulators based connected past year’s ascendant racer.

Jordan Mulach
Red Bull Racing releases F1 simulators worthy  much  than $170,000

Reigning Formula One title winners Red Bull person released a brace of racing simulators based connected the team’s 2022 rubric winning car – but Australian buyers volition request to fork retired much than $170,000 to bargain the eventual antheral cave addition.

Both simulators are based connected the RB18, the car which delivered Red Bull Racing its 5th Formula One team’s title acknowledgment to 17 wins from 22 races successful 2022. The 2022 driver’s champion, Max Verstappen, won 15 races portion team-mate Sergio Perez collected 2 victories.

Available done the F1 Authentics website, the Red Bull Racing simulators are disposable successful 2 grades: the $139,027 ‘Race Edition’ and the $185,369 ‘Champions Edition’ – and no, those prices are not a typo.

It’s worthy noting the supra prices besides don’t see the outgo of shipping to Australia, listed astatine astir £16,500 – equivalent to $30,000.

According to the listing, the simulators are “made utilizing the aforesaid processes arsenic the existent contention cars” acknowledgment to plan information from Red Bull Racing, portion the team’s 2022 livery has been applied to the exterior, disposable with either Verstappen’s fig #1 oregon Perez’s #11.

Despite the $45,000 terms difference, the lone other features connected the Champions Edition simulator is the summation of a chemoreceptor and beforehand helping assembly – parts which make important downforce successful existent beingness but won’t marque drivers immoderate faster connected the virtual track.

High-end sim racing hardware specified arsenic a PC, curved surface monitor, F1-style steering wheel, pedals and speakers are besides included successful the acquisition price, meaning buyers don’t person to bring their ain cogwheel to get the simulators running.

F1 Authentics claims the simulators volition instrumentality astir 4 to six weeks to vessel internationally from Europe, meaning Australian buyers who bid present should person their acquisition by the Azerbaijan Grand Prix successful precocious April.

The 2nd circular of the 2023 Formula One World Championship is owed to instrumentality spot this play astatine the Jeddah Corniche Circuit successful Saudi Arabia.

Jordan Mulach

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