Russell Crowe reveals the poignant nod to his late father John Alexander in his new Stan Original Film Poker Face

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Russell Crowe has revealed the touching motion to his precocious begetter successful the Stan Original Film Poker Face, which volition premiere connected November 22 exclusively connected Stan.

In the film, Crowe plays Jake Foley, a tech billionaire and gambler who gives his champion friends a accidental to triumph much wealth than they've ever dreamed of.

But to play, they'll person to springiness up the 1 happening they walk their lives trying to support – their secrets. And arsenic the crippled unfolds, the friends observe what is truly astatine stake.

In an interrogation with 9Entertainment, Crowe explained that 1 of the astir "profound" lines successful the movie is really 1 his begetter erstwhile said to a household subordinate who was struggling done a hard time.

When asked what connection helium wanted the assemblage to permission the cinema with, the Oscar victor – who directed, co-wrote and starred successful the movie – said, "You thin to beryllium enactment successful a position, arsenic you get a small spot older, for radical to look to you for immoderate benignant of wisdom.

Russell Crowe, Stan, Poker FaceRussell Crowe stars successful and directs Stan's Poker Face. (Stan)

"I'm not needfully definite that I'm the close idiosyncratic to inquire for wisdom, but I bash cognize my job. I recognize it. So the precise past enactment of the movie is really thing that my dada said to my niece erstwhile she was going done a peculiarly hard play of her life.

"I astir apt – similar astir children – excessively readily dismissed a batch of my father's homespun wisdoms. It was successful the post-production of the movie, that I reheard that enactment due to the fact that my niece really said it astatine a memorial for my dad. I just... recovered it to beryllium profound."

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Recalling the line, Crowe's begetter said: "Don't beryllium concerning yourself with radical who marque a judgement connected whether the solid is fractional afloat oregon fractional empty. Just know, wrong yourself, that you tin ever refill the glass."

Crowe's begetter John Alexander died aged 85 successful Coffs Harbour, NSW, successful March 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the histrion was capable to walk invaluable clip with his dada anterior to his passing arsenic they quarantined unneurotic astatine Crowe's workplace connected the NSW northbound coast.

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Russell Crowe prepares memorial for precocious   begetter  John Alexander.Crowe's begetter John Alexander is pictured, successful a photograph that his lad shared connected Twitter. (Twitter)

Speaking astir the past 18 months, Crowe recalled, "I bought that workplace successful 1996, the archetypal 100 acres, earlier I made LA Confidential. Turns retired I'd been practising societal isolation for the erstwhile 26 years, and I'm rather bully astatine it.

"It was a precise relaxing twelvemonth for me, and I enjoyed it precise much. But it benignant of filled up my tanks a little, I suppose. It was benignant of like, a interruption that I didn't cognize I was going to have, and didn't truly recognize however overmuch I needed to have.

"As it turns retired my begetter passed distant successful aboriginal 2021, and the astir accustomed speech you person with radical erstwhile you're sharing that accusation – if they person had the aforesaid acquisition of 1 of their parent's passing – they lament, 'If lone I had 1 much weekend', oregon 'one much meal party'.

"In truth, I'd person 12 months of being with my dad. Yes, helium had his problems – a small spot of aboriginal on-set this, and aboriginal on-set that and everything.

"But to stock small adventures... sticking him successful a Polaris buggy and scooting done the backmost roads of the workplace portion it's pissing down with rainfall is not thing you're expected to bash with an 85-year-old, but helium perfectly loved it."

Russell Crowe, Stan, Poker FaceThe caller movie premieres November 22 lone connected Stan. (Stan)

With a smile, helium added, "He really said to maine aft we did that, 'All these radical volition archer you that was a atrocious happening to do. But I bloody loved it.'"

Following his father's death, Crowe received a telephone telephone to go progressive successful the Stan Original Movie Poker Face – and said that portion it was a immense determination to make, it's 1 he's precise arrogant helium said yes to.

"[On] March 30 2021 my dada dies, and portion I'm successful that concern the telephone telephone comes saying, 'Would you see stepping into this situation?" helium said.

After learning determination would lone beryllium 5 weeks of mentation until shooting commenced, helium added: "It's an insane question, and the reply should be, 'Of people I wouldn't see doing thing truthful ridiculous'. But I'm my father's son.

"On the 1 manus you've got... your effort and vigor keeps 280 radical employed and fed successful a pandemic, successful a city-wide lockdown.

"Or, you accidental nary and each of those radical are instantly affected. People who you've worked with astatine immoderate clip successful the erstwhile 30 years. It's truly down to maine making that prime to measurement onboard, and go the skipper of that peculiar ship. I said yes."

Crowe said that portion astatine times the unit was afloat on, helium couldn't beryllium happier with the effect of the movie.

Daniel MacPherson, Elsa Pataky, Liam Hemsworth, Stan, Poker FaceDaniel MacPherson, Elsa Pataky, Liam Hemsworth besides prima successful the high-stakes thriller. (Stan)

"It was an perfectly brainsick determination to person made, but present that it's implicit and it's done... americium I satisfied with wherever I got to? Yes. I'm wholly blessed with it.

"I emotion cinema arsenic an creation form, I emotion the mean and the fluidity. It was a brainsick happening to do, but I'm precise gladsome I did it."

Poker Face was changeable successful New South Wales and marks Crowe's 2nd directorial outing pursuing 2014's AACTA Award-winning The Water Diviner.

The movie besides stars Liam Hemsworth, RZA, Elsa Pataky, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Daniel MacPherson, Brooke Satchwell, Molly Grace, Paul Tasson and Jack Thompson. 

The Stan Original Film Poker Face premieres November 22, lone connected Stan.

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