'Seeing shadows': Eddie's fix for shell-shocked team

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SAINT-ETIENNE: Wallabies manager Eddie Jones admits the team's assurance has been "knocked around" by the nonaccomplishment to Fiji and thinks the players volition beryllium "seeing shadows successful each country of the room".

Jones did not shy distant from the information that this week volition beryllium 1 of the astir challenging of his storied coaching vocation arsenic helium tries to assistance his shell-shocked team disconnected the canvas to conscionable Wales.

Another nonaccomplishment successful Lyon connected Monday (AEST) would astir surely mean the Wallabies would neglect to suffice for the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals for the archetypal time.

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Wallabies manager Eddie Jones astatine Stade Geoffroy-Guichard. (Getty)

It could besides outgo Jones his occupation contempt him being contracted with Rugby Australia done to the location World Cup successful 2027.

Jones, who was sacked by England past year, has a 1-6 grounds since replacing Dave Rennie with the Wallabies this season.

Can Eddie propulsion different rabbit retired of the chapeau oregon person his magic tricks disappeared?

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Disaster for the Wallabies

"This is 1 of the biggest challenges for this squad and personally for the coaching staff," Jones said aft reviewing the nonaccomplishment to Fiji.

"We cognize however we privation to play against Wales and we are going to enactment truly hard to get the players backmost connected track.

"When you person a nonaccomplishment similar this it knocks you astir a bit. It knocks you emotionally and squad morals wise. You commencement seeing shadows successful each country of the room. There is sound from extracurricular which you person to handle. That's the situation for the coaching unit this week, to marque definite they person got the close noise."

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Wales is apical of Pool C connected 10 points aft beating Fiji and Portugal.

Fiji and Australia person six points apiece and 2 much excavation games to play - but Fiji's are of the easier assortment against Georgia and Portugal.

"We're moving connected to Wales now," said Jones, who boasts an 11-5 vocation win-loss grounds against them, crossed Tests with Australia, England and Japan.

Wales vs Portugal RWC highlights

"This is the champion coaching week, champion playing week. These are the weeks you remember, erstwhile you are nether the pump rather a batch and you person got to nutrient a bully performance...

"We are each inactive searching for answers. None of america has the 100 per cent answer. But we person ideas astir wherever the crippled came unstuck. But Wales are a wholly antithetic team. They grind distant astatine you whereas Fiji is power."

Jones besides confirmed that hooker Jordan Uelese (concussion) volition miss the Wales lucifer on with skipper Will Skelton (calf) and prop Taniela Tupou.

Australia vs Fiji RWC each try

Australia volition sanction its squad connected Friday and the large telephone volition beryllium whether to instrumentality with Carter Gordon astatine No.10 oregon manus the playmaking keys to Ben Donaldson.

Andrew Kellaway could instrumentality Donaldson's spot astatine fullback successful that scenario.

Fiji successfully pressured Gordon into errors astatine 'Le Cauldron' and Jones was asked whether helium feared Wales would bash the same.

Carter Gordon of Australia is tackled by Simione Kuruvoli of Fiji. (Getty)

"There's nary squad successful the satellite that doesn't people the absorption 10.

"They are the conductor of the squad and if you tin get to them you get to them. There's assorted ways you tin look aft your 10 and we'll person a look astatine that this week."

The game volition footwear disconnected astatine 5am AEST connected Monday.

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