SsangYong planning model expansion, includes electric ute

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The archetypal electrical ute from a South Korean shaper is connected the cards for SsangYong, which is moving connected 3 caller models aft it was rescued from 2 years successful fiscal turmoil.

Alex Misoyannis
SsangYong readying  exemplary  expansion, includes electrical  ute

South Korean car shaper SsangYong – precocious brought nether the helping of a caller owner, aft adjacent to 2 years connected beingness enactment – has outlined plans for a question of caller models to boost its planetary sales.

As reported, SsangYong's caller proprietor is South Korean chemic and alloy institution KG Group, which last week repaid a $AU340 cardinal indebtedness to the car maker's creditors – astir 2 years aft it archetypal entered bankruptcy extortion earlier Christmas 2020.

With a caller proprietor injecting funding, SsangYong is reportedly processing 3 caller models for motorboat by the extremity of 2024 – 2 of which are electric, including what is said to beryllium a South Korean brand's archetypal electrical ute.

SsangYong readying  exemplary  expansion, includes electrical  ute

According to a July study from The Korea Herald, an outline of the 3 models – an electrical SUV adjacent year, a second, perchance petrol-powered SUV successful 2024, and the electrical ute successful 2024 – was fixed to South Korean media by co-CEO of SsangYong, Chung Yong-won.

"In the 2nd fractional of adjacent year, we volition motorboat a mid-size electrical SUV which volition beryllium an innovative exemplary that volition outpace different models successful the aforesaid category," Chung Yong-won said.

"In mid-2024, we volition motorboat a merchandise nether the codification sanction ‘KR10,’ which is simply a reinterpretation of our accepted Korando model, and successful the 2nd fractional of 2024, we volition motorboat an electrical pickup truck, which nary different home carmaker has attempted."

Next year's electrical SUV has been referred to by the institution publically nether the 'U100' codename, and has been confirmed by SsangYong's UK part to beryllium an electrical mentation of the caller Torres mid-size SUV.

SsangYong readying  exemplary  expansion, includes electrical  ute

In January, SsangYong signed a woody with Chinese electric-car elephantine BYD to proviso its 'Blade' artillery packs for the electrical Torres – an statement which astatine the clip was reported to grow to associated improvement of aboriginal artillery packs and conveyance architectures.

SsangYong's archetypal electrical conveyance was the smaller Korando e-Motion SUV – but it is besides yet to beryllium confirmed for Australia.

Next successful SsangYong's enlargement is said to beryllium a caller SUV known arsenic the 'KR10' successful 2024, which was previewed successful a sketch successful July 2021 – earlier leaked photos surfaced successful July 2022, with retro plan cues inspired by the 1990s SsangYong Korando SUV.

It's unclear if the KR10 – its accumulation sanction yet to beryllium confirmed – volition usage petrol oregon electrical power.

But apt to beryllium of astir involvement to galore successful Australia is simply a caller electrical ute, owed successful the 2nd fractional of 2024 – and said to beryllium the archetypal of its benignant from a South Korean car brand.

Few details of the caller ute person been confirmed, and it is unclear if it would usage a body-on-frame architecture akin to today's diesel-engined Musso, oregon a 'monocoque' level shared with the Torres (codenamed J100 during development).

It's imaginable it whitethorn beryllium based connected the next-generation Musso, which whitethorn motorboat astatine a akin clip – if the six-year exemplary cycles for the past 2 generations of SsangYong utes are a guide, fixed the existent Musso launched successful 2018.

Drive's machine illustration of the SsangYong electrical ute, created successful 2021 (prior to the Torres' reveal).

Plans for the electrical ute were archetypal confirmed successful 2021, successful a connection released arsenic portion of a fiscal announcement: "Now starting with [the] Korando e-Motion [electric mid-size SUV], the institution plans to grow its greenish car scope with a mid-sized EV and EV pick-up."

Reports surfaced successful March the institution was moving connected an electrical mentation of the existent Musso for motorboat arsenic soon arsenic 2023, fast-tracked for showrooms by its then-planned caller owner, South Korean electrical autobus institution Edison Motors.

However, it is unclear if this task is inactive ongoing, aft Edison Motors failed to conscionable deadlines for payments, and the woody collapsed.

If the late-2024 motorboat timeline for SsangYong's electrical ute holds, it whitethorn beryllium the archetypal battery-powered pick-up from a South Korean shaper – arsenic Kia is readying 2 caller electrical utes, but they are not owed until 2026.

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