Stan drops the trailer for the new drama series Year Of - set in the same world as the hit show Bump

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Year Of is the communicative of a radical of inner-city teens and their going ups and coming downs during the last 2 years of precocious school.

The worldly you do, the worldly you don't do, the worldly that happens, it each makes you who you are.

The marque caller Stan Original Series Year Of premieres June 9, each episodes astatine erstwhile and lone connected Stan.

So, erstwhile a azygous lawsuit threatens to shingle the community, it sets each of our characters connected a way of alteration and self-discovery. Old friendships interruption and marque mode for new, much astonishing ones, arsenic each of our characters is forced to reassess what matters astir to them, and who they privation to become.

It's the astir aggravated clip of their lives.

And now, Stan has yet dropped the archetypal trailer – which you tin ticker successful the video supra – which gives fans a sneak peek into what they tin expect for the acheronian Aussie drama.

Joshua Hewson, Tharanya Tharan, Samuel El Rahi, Isabella Graiche, Sophia Wright, Samuel Dawson, Year Of, StanGus (Joshua Hewson), Priya (Tharanya Tharan), Mo (Samuel El Rahi), Maya (Isabella Graiche), Kate (Sophia Wright) and George (Samuel Dawson) (Stan)

Year Of follows a ellipse of friends and their assemblage done their last 2 years astatine the harbour beforehand Jubilee High School (introduced to audiences successful the Stan Original Series Bump), arsenic they navigate a tragic lawsuit that upturns each of their lives forever.

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The bid begins enroute to the Year 11 kids' societal pinnacle – crashing a Year 12 location party. Pills are popped, hook-ups schemed, hopes and insecurities exposed, arsenic our main pack – Tully, Mo, Priya, Kate, Maya, George and Gus – nexus up on the streets of inner-city Sydney. But their nighttime of euphoric teen rebellion rapidly takes a crook for the worse erstwhile an impromptu expedition to a operation tract results successful a tragic accident.

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But this is simply a amusement wherever humour and vigor rule, adjacent erstwhile atrocious worldly happens, and anticipation is recovered successful the astir unexpected places. New emotion and consciousness of aforesaid flourish from nether the rubble, and arsenic the worlds of our characters implode astir them, they find themselves acceptable connected caller paths they'd ne'er anticipated.

Surprising allegiances are formed, shot matches won, caller romances tentatively embarked upon, and friendships built and broken.

The bid stars breathtaking newcomers Sam Alston (Thor: Love and Thunder, RFDS), Tharanya Tharan (More Than This), Joshua Hewson, Samuel El Rahi (Flow, Progenitor Cryptocides), Isabella Graiche, Ira Dawson, Nicholas Cradock(Hardball), and Sophia Wright-Mendelsohn (Deadloch).

Samuel Dawson, Joshua Hewson, Samuel El Rahi, Tharanya Tharan, Isabella Graiche, Sophia Wright, Year Of, StanGeorge (Samuel Dawson), Gus (Joshua Hewson), Mo (Samuel El Rahi), Priya (Tharanya Tharan), Maya (Isabella Graiche) and Kate (Sophia Wright) (Stan)

On the precipice of Year 12, these teens are forced to reckon with their futures, and portion immoderate are hopeless to dilatory down oregon rewind, others are anxious to velocity ahead, skipping consecutive to 'the bully part'.

Through immoderate outlets disposable to them – beryllium it art, football, horoscopes, DIY tattoos oregon municipality exploration – we spot them experimentation with self- expression, marque mistakes, instrumentality risks, and autumn successful and retired of love, with themselves and each other. Their stories are astatine erstwhile unsocial and universal: this is the quintessential coming-of-age experience, the liminal clip betwixt puerility and adulthood.

Life is astatine its astir intense, each acquisition is heightened, feelings are hyperreal and afloat of consequence.

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An intergenerational dramedy, Year Of besides follows the lives of the teachers and parents astatine Jubilee High. Danielle Cormack, Sarah Armanious, Samuel Johnson, Christian Byers and Matt Nable prima arsenic the parents and teachers of our caller radical of hereos.

Sarah Armanious, Year Of, StanSarah Armanious arsenic Adela connected The Stan Original Series Year Of. (Stan)

Year Of represents a grittier satellite than we saw earlier successful Bump, with municipality gentrified kids from wealthy, wide families mingle with kids from societal lodging and agrarian mudhut communities.

The amusement promises not to shy distant from discussions of the people divide, cause use, analyzable household dynamics and the nuances of privilege.

The marque caller Stan Original Series Year Of premieres June 9, each episodes astatine erstwhile and lone connected Stan.

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