Tesla Cybertruck interior images leaked ahead of late-2023 launch

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The Tesla Cybertruck is 1 measurement person to going connected merchantability successful the US aft photos of the electrical pick-up's interior appeared online. But its Australian debut is inactive successful the aerial pursuing Tesla’s determination to extremity right-hand-drive accumulation of the Model S and Model X.

Jordan Mulach
Tesla Cybertruck interior images leaked up  of late-2023 launch

Photos of the ‘production-ready’ Tesla Cybertruck’s interior person leaked online, little than six months earlier the arguable electrical pick-up is owed to spell connected merchantability successful the US.

Uploaded to the Cybertruck Owners Club online instrumentality forum, the photos amusement Tesla’s electrical pick-up adopts a familiar, minimalist interior plan – with a ample landscape-oriented touchscreen sitting successful the mediate of a suede and achromatic integrative dashboard.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s centre console is besides not connected to the dashboard, which could let front-row occupants to ‘step-through’ from 1 spot to the other.

While Tesla primitively planned to motorboat the Cybertruck arsenic a six-seater – with 3 seats successful the beforehand and 3 successful the backmost – it appears the mediate beforehand spot has been removed, owed to abstraction constraints.

Another noteworthy portion of plan is the Cybertruck’s rectangular steering wheel, which is reminiscent of the Tesla Model S’s ‘steering yoke’ – though immoderate online commenters person likened it to the Austin Allegro hatchback built successful the UK successful the 1970s.

Unlike the Model S and Model X's yoke, the Cybertruck has a accordant rim that stretches astir the afloat instrumentality – not conscionable the bottommost fractional – that drivers tin drawback during hand-over-hand manoeuvres.

As with the Model S, the Cybertruck’s indicator buttons are located connected the left-hand broadside of the steering instrumentality – not connected a stalk down it – and further controls for the touchscreen are connected the right.

As antecedently reported, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has claimed last prices and specifications for the Cybertruck volition beryllium announced successful August oregon September 2023 – aft a bid of delays since the conveyance was revealed arsenic a conception successful 2019.

While the archetypal Tesla Cybertruck deliveries were owed to commence by the extremity of 2021, the commencement of accumulation was astir precocious pushed backmost to mid-2023 – with accumulation expected to ramp up by aboriginal adjacent year.

Until mid-2022, funny Australian customers could spot a $150 refundable pre-order connected a Cybertruck, nevertheless this was removed successful July 2022 – suggesting it whitethorn not travel to section showrooms.

Jordan Mulach

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