The Best Yoga Blocks For Every Level of Practice

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The Best Yoga Blocks, According to an Instructor

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No substance if you're a beginner to yoga oregon a seasoned instructor, utilizing a yoga artifact is simply a adjuvant mode to enactment your practice. Yoga teachers, including myself, regularly urge utilizing yoga blocks to assistance stabilize the assemblage during people truthful you're not wobbling each implicit your mat. They besides service arsenic enactment for galore standing, seated, and adjacent horizontal yoga postures, allowing you to bring the level to you, truthful you tin afloat unbend into a pose.

Overall, yoga blocks assistance you marque the astir retired of your signifier — but galore radical don't instrumentality vantage of this elemental prop.

How to Use Yoga Blocks

You tin usage yoga blocks successful near-infinite ways successful some your yoga signifier and at-home workouts. For example, successful lasting poses similar Triangle, you tin spot a artifact oregon 2 nether your bottommost manus to assistance you support your equilibrium portion your torso is tilted connected an angle. Putting blocks underneath your hands is besides adjuvant for erstwhile you find yourself balancing connected 1 foot, similar successful Warrior Three oregon Half Moon.

You tin usage yoga blocks connected different assemblage parts, too. Stand connected a brace of blocks successful Forward Fold to elevate the hips and summation the fold astatine the hep creases, oregon spot a artifact betwixt your thighs successful a Chair Pose oregon a glute bridge to prosecute your interior thighs. You tin besides instrumentality a spot connected a artifact for your meditation, oregon enactment your knees with 2 blocks during a Reclined Bound Angle.

While astir radical deliberation of a yoga artifact arsenic a rectangular portion of foam, these tools really travel successful a scope of shapes, sizes, and materials, with each serving a unsocial purpose. Keep scrolling for a database of the champion yoga blocks of each types — including a foam block, wedge block, curved yoga block, and cork yoga artifact — and larn astir however each 1 tin enactment your yoga practice. Shop the champion yoga blocks for 2023 ahead.

Best Foam Yoga Block

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block ($22)

Manduka makes immoderate of the industry's best yoga mats, truthful it's nary astonishment they excel astatine yoga blocks, too. This dense foam yoga artifact from the marque maintains its grip done adjacent the sweatiest blistery yoga classes. This dense, not stiff, foam yoga artifact offers enactment that doesn't illness nether pressure.

Why we emotion it: This yoga artifact is made from earth-conscious recycled EVA foam and has earned a precocious 4.9-star standing from hundreds of customers. Reviewers emotion that they're lightweight and brushed to the interaction but supply bully grip and stability.

What's worthy noting: A fewer customers enactment that the colors IRL whitethorn disagree somewhat from the pictures online.

Additional details: Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 9" | Colorways: 4

Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block

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Best Yoga-Block Set

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block Set ($11-$17)

In galore cases, having a 2nd yoga artifact makes each the quality successful the magnitude of enactment oregon assistance this prop tin offer. For an affordable brace of soft-to-the-touch, sweat-absorbing blocks, effort this Gaiam set.

Why we emotion it: With implicit 25,000 reviews and a 4.8 wide rating, these yoga blocks are an Amazon favorite. Customers admit their affordability and beveled edges for casual gripping, and that they're lightweight yet sturdy.

What's worthy noting: Some customers enactment that these blocks tin get marked easy owed to their somewhat brushed EVA foam makeup.

Additional details: Dimensions: 4" x 9" x 6" | Colorways: 4

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block Set

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Best Curved Yoga Block

Lululemon Inner Flow Yoga Block ($28)

The unsocial curves connected Lululemon's yoga artifact supply enactment from each angles. Comfortably clasp the shorter curved broadside of this artifact successful lasting postures similar Half Moon, oregon usage the longer curved broadside for postures that are person to the ground, similar Low Lunge. Pro tip: drawback 2 blocks, past enactment the agelong interior level sides of the blocks unneurotic to make a comfy spot for your meditation. The curved sides won't excavation into your thighs similar regular blocks sometimes do.

Why we emotion it: This yoga block's curved plan makes it easier to grip and frankincense gentler connected your hands. One reviewer writes: "I emotion however the rounded corners acceptable my palms for enactment successful immoderate pose." Plus, the marble plan means it's cute capable to show successful your surviving country without it looking similar straight-up workout equipment. (You could wholly usage a brace of these arsenic bookends connected a shelf.)

What's worthy noting: Some reviewers find the artifact to beryllium excessively hard.

Additional details: Dimensions: 9.8" x 5.9" x 3.5" | Colorways: 2

Lululemon Inner Flow Yoga Block



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Best Colorful Yoga Block

Alo Yoga Uplifting Yoga Block ($28)

If the aesthetic of your yoga artifact is conscionable arsenic important arsenic the enactment it provides, nonstop your attraction to Alo Yoga's foam blocks, which are made of cushy-but-firm EVA.

Why we emotion it: We're personally obsessed with Alo Yoga's Warrior Mat, which comes successful a fewer joy-sparking colors, and they person yoga blocks that lucifer perfectly, from sunny yellowish to ballet pink. And with near-perfect reviews, this yoga achromatic has plentifulness of different fans: "Exploring caller asanas and flows becomes much supportive and enjoyable with these companions," writes 1 blessed reviewer.

What's worthy noting: If you're looking for a ace lightweight block, this whitethorn not beryllium the 1 for you; customers enactment that it's rather dense compared to others, which is large for stableness but not for toting around.

Additional details: Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 9" | Colorways: 8

Alo Yoga Uplifting Yoga Block

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Best Wedge Yoga Block

Gaiam Yoga Block Wedge ($15)

Another unconventional design, this Gaiam wedge is simply a large mode to enactment your assemblage successful galore postures, including Downward Dog. Sliding this artifact nether your palms (with the tallest broadside facing you) successful this airs takes immoderate of the unit disconnected the wrists.

Why we emotion it: Some blessed customers accidental this wedge has helped their hands and wrists consciousness "so overmuch better" aft utilizing it for Downward Dog and planks. Others usage it nether their hips during ab exercises oregon seated postures.

What's worthy noting: Some customers privation this wedge was a small taller to further destruct the unit connected their wrists, portion others find it a spot slippery.

Additional details: Dimensions: 20" x 6" x 2" | Colorways: 1

Best Cork Yoga Block

Manduka Cork Yoga Block ($24)

If you're not a instrumentality of foamy materials, effort utilizing a cork yoga block. This durable enactment from Manduka is porous and unchangeable — making it a large enactment for radical with sweaty palms, too.

Why we emotion it: Cork consciousness ace coagulated nether your hands, hips, oregon feet. "I similar the solidity of the cork to assistance instrumentality immoderate value much securely. I besides conscionable similar the cork aesthetically," writes 1 reviewer. Plus, cork is simply a renewable, sustainable material, and these blocks are responsibly made with nary toxic chemicals produced during harvesting oregon manufacturing, according to the brand.

What's worthy noting: These blocks are beauteous heavy, reviewers note; you'll decidedly consciousness them successful your container if you bring them backmost and distant to your yoga studio.

Additional details: Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 4" | Colorways: 1

Best Yoga Blocks For Wrist Pain

Wrist Buddy Yoga Blocks ($40)

This acceptable of 2 yoga blocks isn't rather arsenic versatile arsenic others, but their plan serves a precise peculiar purpose: to assistance instrumentality the unit disconnected your wrists during asanas similar Downward Dog and Chaturanga. This is acknowledgment to the hand-shaped cutouts connected 2 edges of the block, which creates a comfy grip spot for your palms and fingers.

Why we emotion it: Customers rave astir however these yoga blocks person helped them bash planks, push-ups, and Vinyasa flows for the archetypal clip since wrist injuries oregon carpal tunnel.

What's worthy noting: Because these blocks person grip-shaped cutouts, you apt won't beryllium capable to usage them nether your hips, back, head, oregon feet.

Additional details: Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 4" | Colorways: 4

Best Wooden Yoga Block

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block ($31)

This Hugger Mugger bamboo yoga artifact is the firmest connected this list. Wooden blocks similar these supply a sturdy setup, particularly for restorative yoga postures successful practices similar Yin yoga.

Why we emotion it: Customers importune that the consciousness of these bamboo blocks is drastically antithetic than foam oregon cork options, saying they emotion the "solid consciousness of the bamboo material" for their location practice.

What's worthy noting: These blocks aren't coagulated bamboo; they're hollow successful the center, which immoderate customers don't emotion the consciousness of.

Additional details: Dimensions: 10" x 6" x 4" | Colorways: 1

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

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