The nightmare continues as Stan drops the full trailer for Season 2 of From

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Horror fans, you're successful luck due to the fact that Stan has conscionable dropped the afloat trailer for Season 2 of From.

From unravels the enigma of a nightmarish municipality successful mediate America that traps each those who enter. If you haven't seen Season 1, get stuck into it present due to the fact that it looks similar the caller play is going to beryllium conscionable arsenic gripping – and terrifying – judging by the archetypal look.

Stream Season 1 of From, lone connected Stan.

Season 2 of From volition premiere connected April 24, the aforesaid time arsenic the US and lone connected Stan.

Watch the afloat trailer for Season 2 astatine the apical of this article.

From Season 2, StanStan has dropped the afloat trailer for From Season 2. (Stan)

As the unwilling residents of the municipality combat to support a consciousness of normalcy and hunt for a mode out, they indispensable besides past the threats of the surrounding wood – including the creatures that travel retired erstwhile the prima goes down.

This season, hidden truths astir the quality and terrifying origins of the municipality statesman to emerge, meantime the lives of the town's residents are plunged into further chaos with the accomplishment of adjacent much mysterious newcomers.

From Season 2, StanThe communicative volition prime up wherever Season 1 ended, wherever a autobus afloat of radical arrived successful the town. (Stan)

At the extremity of Season 1 a autobus arrived and the caller play volition prime up from that moment.

With caller radical exposed to the terrifying world of this town, it won't beryllium agelong until chaos ensues and the acheronian information comes out.

From Season 2, StanThe terrifying world of the municipality volition beryllium exposed to the newcomers. (Stan)

Who is the formed of From?

Stars Harold Perrineau Lost, stars Harold Perrineau (Lost, Romeo + Juliet) and Eion Bailey (Ray Donovan, Once Upon A Time) volition instrumentality for Season 2.

Other formed members see Hannah Cheramy, Simon Webster, Ricky He (The Good Doctor), Chloe Van Landschoot, Shaun Majumder, Corteon Moore (Utopia Falls), Pegah Ghafoori, David Alpay (Castle Rock), Elizabeth Saunders (Clarice), Elizabeth Moy and Avery Konrad.

From was created by John Griffin and is enforcement produced by Jack Bender Griffin and Jeff Pinkner arsenic good arsenic Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec and Scott Rosenberg for Midnight Radio, Anthony and Joe Russo and Mike Larocca for AGBO and Lindsay Dunn. Midnight Radio's Adrienne Erickson serves arsenic co-executive producer.

When does From Season 2 premiere?

Season 2 of From volition premiere connected April 24, the aforesaid time arsenic the US and lone connected Stan.

You tin drawback up connected Season 1 now, with each episodes disposable connected Stan.

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