The pioneering medical series RPA returns for a powerful new season in 2023

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RPA is the programme that ignited Australia's emotion of observational documentaries. For 17 years it gave viewers astir the state an access-all-areas walk to the interior workings of the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital successful Sydney.

Now, successful 2023, the Australian amusement that pioneered real-life play returns for a almighty caller series. RPA volition instrumentality connected Monday, March 27 astatine 9.00pm connected Channel 9 and 9Now.

RPA follows patients who bravely and generously stock their stories, arsenic good arsenic the outstanding surgeons and physicians who not lone enactment breached bodies backmost together, but successful galore cases person to interruption the quality to these patients that their prognosis isn't good.

RPA 2023RPA shares real-life moments successful unfiltered and affectional rawness. (Nine)

These real-life moments are captured successful each their unfiltered affectional rawness.

Embracing the immense changes successful medicine successful the past decade, RPA volition diagnostic advancements and caller technologies: from life-saving, minimally invasive brain, heart, and robotic country to the 24/7 statewide Clot Retrieval Procedure for changeable sufferers, on with each the immediacy of the hospital's Emergency Department.

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One of Australia's favourite actors, Rodger Corser, narrates this gripping caller play of the interior workings and behind-the-scenes play of the RPA hospital.

Corser is champion known to audiences arsenic an histrion successful the pb roles of Hugh Knight connected the play bid Doctor Doctor. He has besides starred successful Detective Senior Sergeant Steve Owen successful the archetypal play of Underbelly, arsenic good arsenic Puberty Blues, Party Tricks, Home and Away and McLeod's Daughters.

Rodger Corser is champion known for his relation arsenic Hugh Knight connected the play bid Doctor Doctor. (Nine)

For 17 years, the much-loved RPA tv series, captured the hearts of Australia with ground-breaking, exclusive entree to the interior workings of the hospital.

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The caller bid volition besides amusement that a batch has changed since the bid was past on-air successful 2012: revolutions successful medicine, caller treatments but besides immoderate caller devastating diseases.

RPA is produced with the practice of patients and unit astatine Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

The unit astatine RPA proudly claim, "We're the lone infirmary successful Australia that does a spot of everything". Now they are doing adjacent more.

RPA premieres Monday March 27 astatine 9.00pm connected Channel 9 and 9Now.

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