These Time-Labeled Water Bottles Make It Easy to Stay Hydrated

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We each cognize that water is essential to bully health, but let's look it — galore of america don't portion capable of it passim the day. The current recommendation is to portion 12.5 to 15.5 cups per day, oregon 100 to 124 ounces. If drinking capable water is easier said than done for you, fto america present you to timed h2o bottles. These colorful bottles see time-tracking lines and motivational phrases to marque staying hydrated amusive and astatine slightest a small easier, particularly if you're the benignant of idiosyncratic who loves to deed tiny goals each day. Each clip you deed a caller tracking enactment connected the bottle, it's similar checking disconnected an point connected your to-do list: satisfying and worthy of a minicelebration. Not to mention, it'll beryllium definite to assistance you execute your hydration goals.

Many of these motivational, timed h2o bottles are meant to beryllium finished implicit the people of a day. That means nary getting up to perpetually refill your vessel (though you mightiness request to instrumentality a mates of bath breaks) and nary excuses erstwhile it comes to staying hydrated. Fill it up successful the morning, acceptable it connected your desk, and get sipping! Some whitethorn necessitate a refill, but either way, they're definite to assistance you bash truthful without excessively overmuch effort. Stay hydrated by buying these 12 cute options for tracking h2o bottles ahead.

— Additional reporting by Maggie Ryan and Naomi Parris

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