Tina Turner Died of a "Long Illness" - Here's What We Know About Her Health Struggles

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Tina Turner performs connected  signifier    astatine  Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 4th November 1990. (Photo by Rob Verhorst/Redferns)

Iconic vocalist Tina Turner died peacefully connected May 24 astatine the property of 83 aft a 60-year vocation successful the euphony industry. The "Queen of Rock and Roll" passed distant successful her location adjacent Zurich, Switzerland, and archetypal reports accidental Turner died aft a conflict with a "long illness," according to a connection from her publicist.

Celebrities similar Beyoncé, Angela Bassett, and Lizzo person each paid tribute to Turner, expressing gratitude for her power and countless contributions to euphony and the satellite astatine large. The "What's Love Got to Do With It" vocalist was known for her slayer vocals, magical creation moves, and enchanting style. But she was besides highly vocal astir her hard wellness journey, from intestinal crab to stroke. Here's what we cognize astir Turner's wellness travel earlier she passed away.

Tina Turner Was Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure

Dating backmost to 1978, Turner was diagnosed with hypertension (aka precocious humor pressure). However, successful an interview with the European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA), she said, "I considered precocious humor unit my normal. Hence, I didn't truly effort to power it."

Her information was near untreated, according to a March Instagram station from the singer explaining, "I believed that my assemblage was an untouchable and indescribable bastion." Turner said she refused to "face the world that I request daily, lifelong therapy with medication."

Tina Turner Had a Stroke

As a effect of her untreated hypertension, Turner had her archetypal changeable successful 2009 and recovered retired her kidneys had mislaid 35 percent of their function, according to an nonfiction she wrote for the EKHA. She started taking medicine medications but didn't similar the mode they made her feel, and she turned to a homeopathic doc successful France.

Unfortunately, aft a regular checkup, she learned her kidneys were lone getting worse and getting disconnected the medicine was causing her utmost harm. "I ne'er would person replaced my medicine by the homeopathic alternatives if I had had an thought however overmuch was astatine involvement for me," Turner wrote successful her EKHA article.

In 2013, Turner had different changeable 3 weeks aft she joined her 2nd husband, Erwin Bach. The travel backmost to wellness was tumultuous. She opened up astir these struggles successful her 2018 memoir, "My Love Story," per People. "I was excessively embarrassed to telephone for help. Legs for days and muscles of alloy from dancing, but I didn't person the spot to get up," Turner wrote. She past said, "I doubted I would ever beryllium capable to deterioration heels again, fto unsocial creation successful them."

Unfortunately, portion Turner was connected the roadworthy to recovery, her wellness continued to decline.

Tina Turner Had Intestinal Cancer

In 2016, Turner was faced with different wellness scare erstwhile she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. She shared successful her memoir that she had been suffering from chronic diarrhea for months earlier she was diagnosed astatine an aboriginal signifier with carcinoma and aggregate malignant polyps, per "Today."

A period later, she underwent country to region the cancerous parts of her intestines, however, she was besides facing full kidney failure.

Tina Turner Experienced Kidney Failure

Turner's renal nonaccomplishment lone worsened, and successful 2017, she received a life-saving kidney-transplant country with her hubby arsenic the donor.

"I wondered if anyone would deliberation that Erwin's surviving donation was transactional successful immoderate way," she wrote successful her memoir, per "Today." "Incredibly, considering however agelong we had been together, determination were inactive radical who wanted to judge that Erwin joined maine for my wealth and fame."

Fortunately the transplant was a success, but according to an interview with EKHA, Turner continued to acquisition symptoms of vertigo. She elaborate successful her memoir that she felt "dizzy, breathless, and sick to my stomach" and that "the sensation virtually knocked maine disconnected my feet."

Symptoms continued to linger, and successful March 2023, 2 months earlier her death, the vocalist said her kidney problems were "not rather resolved" and her wellness was successful "great danger," per Turner's Instagram post.

Tina Turner's Cause of Death

Other than "long illness," the nonstop origin of Turner's decease has not yet been confirmed. But successful a 2008 interrogation with Oprah Winfrey, the "River Deep — Mountain High" vocalist candidly spoke astir the extremity of her life, per Entertainment Tonight.

"I person to say, I invited it with unfastened arms," Turner said connected the taxable of aging. "My elder beingness is truthful overmuch amended than erstwhile I was young. The wisdom, the mode I think. My cognition towards things. It truly — determination is simply a alteration erstwhile you're inactive steadfast and you inactive look good, your outlook changes connected everything. You're truly happy. You don't caput being 68. That fig doesn't mean a thing."

She added, "I americium astatine a signifier wherever — you tin get affectional erstwhile you commencement to speech astir death. To beryllium capable to get to this stage, and say, 'Even erstwhile it's time, to permission and spell to different satellite — excited astir that 'cause I'm curious. What is it about? Nobody tin archer you. 'Cause cipher has travel back. I'm not excited to die, but I don't regret it erstwhile it's clip for me. I've done what I came present to do. Now it's pleasure."

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